Lovely sunset this evening, shame the bird wasn’t a little lower.

As I was walking to the Shala this morning in my semi awake state, I suddenly heard a screech of brakes. I looked up to see a Rickshaw trying to avoid the not very well filled in trench they dug last week. The Rickshaw kind of jack knifed at the front and the back wheel lifted off the ground, luckily for the Driver the couple in the back were generously proportioned, no chance of them doing Mari D , and their weight stopped it from tipping over.

So now I was awake for practice. I felt a bit heavy today and it took a while to get going. Solid practice, alas no Pasasana assistance today. Decent backbends and dropbacks, got in quite a few before Sharath came to assist me. Rocking and bouncing happens but didn’t manage to come up.


At the Shala entrance.

I need the graduation to stand up from something higher as I have when I play at home, trying to do it straight off the ground annoys my back too much. At home I am getting up from one block that is about an inch and a quarter high, having started with 3 blocks. I’m looking for something about half a block high now to get that bit lower. Luckily one of my flat mates found the remedy for sore backs ( or anywhere else) , Himalaya muscle rub works wonders and at 35 Rupees a tube I think there will be some going home.

I was planning to stay in this evening, but our Canadian flat mate admitted today was her birthday, so a group of us went to Sixth Main for dinner, Happy Birthday Trisha.



3 Responses to “Tuesday”

  1. ivanalindgreen Says:

    i think you stand good chance of re-selling that muscle rub 😉

  2. fivefootwo Says:

    Photo of muscle rub packaging perhaps?

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