Did my arm grow in the night?


No Escape from Christmas.

I woke up with an aching lower back this morning. But despite that practice was ok, I seem to have reached a plateau, nothing is changing much now. Denise did come and tweak my arms to the right in PPC.

Well I say nothings changing, but thus far in Mysore I havn’t been anywhere near binding Ardha Badha Paschimottanasana on the second side, I can do first side easily enough. In fact the only time I have ever bound ABP was one Saturday when Michaela pulled my arm round then squashed me so it was impossible for the hand to detach itself from the toe. But today I twisted and realised my fingers had touched my foot, so I started wriggling round and eventually found I could hold the top of my foot, I couldn’t bend very far forward before my hand lost grip, perhaps my left arm grew in the night, no idea why today, question is will it happen tomorrow.

Isa was waiting for me when I got to Supta K, love that deep assist, even though I never actually saw who did it, being squashed flat with chin on the floor, the toe rings and pink toes, not to mention the way she gets the head further under the feet all tell me Isa was adjusting.

My aching lower back made Urdva Dhanurasana a bit of a trial, I did extra ones to try and open up and crawled my hands, though I have no idea how near my hands are getting to my feet. I only managed 3 drop backs on my own, but no chance of my back putting up with standing up experiments. Luckily the other Assistant saw me struggling and came to assist.


Juanita, Anokhi’s pampered pooch.

After a 3 hour post practice sleep and breakfast I went for a wander to Loyal World, I thought I had escaped Christmas but they now have a tree and an aisle of decorations! On the plus side the Bakery outside did have fresh sticks of French bread to go with my soup. Maybe they will have a Santa who I can ask a Christmas wish of standing up from backbend again before I go home!


2 Responses to “Did my arm grow in the night?”

  1. fivefootwo Says:

    Kevin, Santa can’t even do a back bend. but you can! and Sharath said you could stand up. Maybe Santa can give you the scoop about when this is going to happen…. but it is going to happen.

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