Moon day in Mysore


Moon day in Mysore, well it was for the students of KPJAYI, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the glorious near 10 hours sleep I got last night. It’s a two day off weekend for us, hoping to make a little trip to Srivana Belgola tomorrow, but today I went with Dorothy, the latest arrival from London to show her where things are in the city, such as,


The Rashinkar Store, with its yoga rugs, shawls, books etc etc


Devaraja Market is a must, it’s colour, smells and sights are so photogenic.


Banana Porter at Devaraja


Market square with Clock Tower

Then the craziness of India, this guy trying to drive his fully laden Bullock cart down the main road, the photo just can’t begin to evoke the noise the traffic that was being held up was making with horns and yelling.


Bullock cart driver, oblivious to the chaos he was causing.


Flip flop store

Though it was moon day I feel like I have to make use of every day for my practice, it’s why I’m here and being able to do practice without life getting in the way is such a joy, so I did standing then some second before playing around doing dropbacks and learning to get the motion of standing up again from my blocks. It’s coming.


More Christmas crap!

While having dinner I made a discovery, today’s chapattis were much thinner, less sticky and ended up a little crispy, but when you dunk them in a jug of OXO they are bloody tasty!

Just missed the sunset tonight, but still a pretty sight


Happy Moon day.


4 Responses to “Moon day in Mysore”

  1. lauramccormack Says:

    Maybe you should go to Anu’s cooking class. I think she shows how to make chapatis.

  2. Wayne Says:

    I’ve been making chapatis for years – if you’d ever like some tips, just let me know!

    • globie Says:

      Hi Wayne,

      It’s getting the right amount of water, they end up very sticky if it’s too much, I always end up with more than I wanted because I keep having to add Atta flour to dry them up.

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