Becoming forgetful


Scabs looking much better.

Im getting forgetful, as I was in the middle of Mari B I suddenly realised I had forgotten to do all the Prasarita’s in standing. As none of the assistants or Sharath had spotted me I decided to just plough on. I think it was being distracted by the girl next to me getting her UHP assist half way across my mat and having to wait to carry on.

Apart from that aberration it was a decent practice. I ended up doing about 10 drop backs on my own, seemingly ignored by S or anyone else, I just kept doing them, walking in and trying to get the hips higher and rock forwards, eventually Sharath noticed the sweat pouring off me and said “Kevin finish” and he sent Isa over to do assisted half ways and then a mega deep assisted drop. As it was her last day assisting before she leaves she seemed intent on making it the deepest bend ever, no idea how near my hands got to my feet, she was pulling my hips forward at the same time as i was trying to crawl my hands along the floor and eventually my hands lifted and up I came. I hope whoever replaces Isa in the morning is as good.

People are having their times pushed back as others leave to return home for Christmas, the changing room was was already full when I came to do closing so I ended up joining a few others closing on the stage under Sharath’s gaze.

I think Mysore, or Gokulam at least should put up the “FULL” sign, start times are heading for 10am with all the new arrivals and there are people wandering the streets looking for a place to stay, I think we could easily sub let the two Sofa’s we have for a few thousand a week.


Morning Fires.

Not such a good sunrise today and I decided a change of breakfast was needed, so I hopped on the bus to The Regaalis to pick up a box of still warm plain and chocolate croissants. The bus at that hour is an experience, rammed full of school kids, I literally had to force my way on and off, going and coming back, but at least my precious box made it back. I bought enough for three breakfasts (we have a Fridge), but somehow over half of the warm delicious pastries seem to have gone already!


Only a 6/10 Sunrise today!

This afternoon I had to re register for my final 2 weeks. I sat outside Sharath’s Office as the person ahead in the queue went in, she got some wonderful news, knowing her as I do I think it was well deserved.

Scabs is looking much better, she almost has a proper coat again, has fattened up and is much more lively. She seems to have a new friend, a Japanese student who she goes off down the street with after practice to Amruth, maybe Scabs has taken up Tea drinking!


2 Responses to “Becoming forgetful”

  1. Claudia Says:

    10 dropbacks? wow, you are flowing Kevin! I am envious (in a good way of course!)

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