Lucia day


Lucia day at Santosha Cafe

At least I didn’t forget any postures today, but for some unknown reason I felt “off”, too many Chapattis maybe. I bound all the binds including Pasasana before it was time for backbends. My back just didn’t want to play,I did extra UD’s to try and open up but I just wasn’t getting anywhere, dropbacks were no better, pity I couldn’t have saved some of yesterday’s good ones for today. I did a few but my hands were only just getting there before my head, so I decided to wait for assistance which came from Sharath today. Closing was where whatever it is that’s “off” caught up with me, I had to abandon Sirsasana or throw up, it was a close call.



After chanting I collected my new “Backbender” from Denise. She asked how my dropback/stand ups were going, I said yesterday were good, but today were awful, what’s going on? She said backbends can be affected by how you sleep, what and when you ate etc, every day is different it seems. I blame it on the Gokulam chocolate famine.


Singing Swedes

Today is big in Scandinavia I learned this morning, all the Swedes had gathered at Santosha for Lucia, the girls dressed in White, wore flower garlands and served ginger bread before going in and out of the cafe singing the special Lucia song while carrying White candles. This festival originates from the old Julian calendar (used in Sweden before 1753) was Christmas Day and the longest night of the year.


Not quite “Specsavers!”

Nilgiris is still a Cadburys free Supermarket, it’s like a plague of locusts have emptied the shelves, still shelves full of Noodles though, I think they need to notice that there is now a much higher proportion of students from Europe and the US instead of Asia and chocolate should replace those silly Noodles.

I have slept quite a lot today in the hope that whatever made me feel “off” will go. I am running out of tomorrow’s in Mysore, I want every practice to be good and of course I would love to stand up again.


2 Responses to “Lucia day”

  1. susananda Says:

    Not quite Specsavers indeed, haha! However I’m wondering if they do good prescription glasses there on the cheap, as it would be nice to have different pairs 🙂

    Another win for Ipswich!

    • Globie Says:

      I have been trying to get my new prescription done here, but it doesn’t seem much cheaper and the Prism in my Lens has confused them.

      We won again!

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