Different altogether


Ganesh Temple

Luckily I woke up before the alarm was due, lucky because for some reason my iPhone reverted it’s clock back to UK time! This gave me time to stretch over my new Backbender before heading for the Shala. using the backbender I get extra opening cracks in my upper back and something else in my mid back feels like it undoes, in a nice way.

I counted only around 25 of us waiting at the Gate, though Sharath was telling everyone who came after to move up a half hour, as they arrived.

I felt better today, no sickness, more energy, more bendy. Nice practice , usual assists in UHP and Supta Kurmasana. Denise was waiting when I got to Pasasana , she assisted my bind with feet flat, then I try to stay bound and push into my legs and support myself. It’s nice to have Pasasana back, love the twists. 🙂

My Backbender is helping, much better drop backs today, though not as deep as they can be, good rocks, but alas no lift, but at least my lower back has stopped objecting. Stopped at 6 or maybe it was more, then Sharath sent help over.

I thought I must have been faster today as it was still dark when I came out. I then realised sunrise is actually getting later as we head for the shortest day of the year.


A festival passed under my Balcony this morning

This afternoon I tried to find the Silk Factory as mentioned by Lonely Planet, but couldn’t find it. Everyone I asked just wanted to take me to their friends Silk Shop. I gave up, it was too hot and i headed for afternoon Tea and cake at The Green Hotel instead.


Love the bill boards


6 Responses to “Different altogether”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    How much was your backbender?

  2. susiegb Says:

    And how can I get one?!!!

    • suresh Says:

      If anyone is interested in buying a backbender, please place an order at “niddodi68@yahoo.com”.Will be shipped to anywhere in the world.For details, please mail me,
      SURESH SHARMA,Mysore.

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Pat, back bender was 1200 Rupees

    Susie you have to come to Mysore to get one of these

  4. Pat Moore Says:

    Cool. My yoga teacher is heading to Mysore in a couple of months. I might see if she’s willing to get one. Maybe you can email me the details when you have time.

  5. suresh Says:

    Backbenders are available with Suresh Sharma,Mysore, India.
    e-mail: niddodi68 at yahoo.com

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