Since Friday


Sun on a Flower Stall

It’s been a couple of days of taking it slowly , when I woke up for Sundays led class my lower back was very stiff, the first few Upward Dogs were not great, Sharath keeps the Surya’s moving though. Sunday morning was also the coldest it’s been since I got here, with a breeze adding to the cool temperature, I was hardly breaking sweat, where as usually we are all drenched by Surya B. My back liked the forward bends in seated much better, then it’s closing and UD, first one was crap, but stayed up for the last two.

Home to sleep, followed by a chilly breakfast, then Sunday chanting where I finally ran into Kino, she came over when she spotted me to say “hi” with a hug.


Packed in for my last Conference.

Sunday was my last Conference,

Sharath talked for 20 minutes or so this week

Work hard in practice – sweat the toxins out.

Stamina builds up when toxins are removed.

Sweat should be rubbed back in, not wiped away,

72,000 nerves in the body which need to be clean for the energy

Inhale and exhale should be of equal length.

Most injuries occur when we are physically present but mentally our mind is elsewhere.

We are all equally connected to this practice whether we do 3rd series or are just up to Marichyasana A. Being advanced in Asana doesn’t make you a better yogi.

At the end he asked us as next Sunday is Christmas if we want a “holiday”, as many people had asked him. Out of a room of 200 people only a tiny few wanted the day off, but the rest of us will be there sweating it out as Santa delivers.


Hot Chillies

Back to Mysore practice this morning, not quite as cold today, but still chilly compared to how it’s been. The other week i bought one of the Shala shawls as a souvenir, but the last couple of days i have wrapped it around my shoulders. Quite a lot of space initially too, lots more must have departed over the weekend. I had a complete space on my left for 45 minutes and Manuel on my right doing second, so plenty of room. Also a new set of Assistants who left us alone apart from UHP, it was nice to do Supta K on my own, I enjoyed the assists when Isa was here, but I prefer to be left alone to play. Practice had a nice rhythm until Garbha, I got myself knotted up, then did my first rock just as flatmate Carol was on her way to the changing room, her foot and my head were in the same space at the same time, ouch! Second attempt bound for a complete 360 into Kukutasana. Garbha is now completely doable provided I have time and space, in led it’s too much of a race.

Better backbends today, the first UD I had to come down, but then I managed 4 more, walking in, a few cracks in my back. Up for dropbacks, though I didn’t push the standing up game, my lower back is still stiff, but nice controlled dropback backbends and walking in. Sharath again came to help me do assisted dropbacks, the usual “walk in, walk in more, it’s possible,walk more”, before I ping up and he says “very good” then squashes me in Paschimottanasana.

I knew Sharth had called “one more” for someone to take my place, I didn’t know who was waiting, after I took a couple of extra breaths I turned round to see who was there. It turned out to be Kino, waving a cheery good morning at me as she waited, she may be small but she lights the place up, she later sent me a FB message to say it was awesome to practice in my spot 🙂 I like that spot.


Hot Chai, much better than Coconuts.

It was still chilly outside when I had finished, I walked down to Amruth for a hot steaming glass of Chai, where I met another student who reckoned it’s too cold for a Coconut, she was from Miami and was feeling the cold too. The Chai stall is like a little village. You order your Chai on the left side, the boy, he’s about 12 I guess, sets up the clean glass, then the man pours out the Chai from a steaming metal jug. We sat on the step outside on our rolled up mats, hands warming on the glass. A local came and chatted to us, he seemed well educated and had good English, he told us it takes over 300 years to see everything in Karnataka , the state Mysore is in, and 5000 years to see everything in India. After we polished off some more glasses he asked how many cups of Tea we drink each day, suffice to say I won. Anyone who knows me knows I can happily do 15-20 cups a day!


Anu’s Cafe

In the evening we often seem to go to Anu’s for Chai or cake, the apostrophe being all important!


4 Responses to “Since Friday”

  1. Claudia Says:

    ha ha, interesting that only a few people wanted a day off… I would agree, going all the way to Mysore I’d want practice all the way!!! no Christmas!

    • globie Says:

      Hi Claudia,

      Well after practice most of the day is still left, so no reason not to practice on Christmas morning.

      I think some were planning to go away for the weekend after led on Friday, as Saturday is moon day and they thought Sunday would be a “holiday”

  2. Louise Says:

    hi Kevin – great to catch up with your blog today. Enjoy the rest of your stay. I feel like I’ve been turning into you as I’ve been drinking loose-leaf tea by the pot and reading Across the Nightingale Floor – often both at the same time!

    • globie Says:

      Hi Louise,

      It’s all going too fast, Trish left to go back to Toronto this evening.

      It’s been really cold here, so need the hot Tea, hope you are enjoying the book.

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