Freezing in Mysore


This evenings lovely Rainbow

Well I know the term “freezing” is relative, allegedly it was 26c today in Mysore, but with no sunshine and a breeze it sure as hell didn’t feel anywhere near that, everyone has dragged clothes from the bottom of their bags that they thought they wouldn’t be putting on until they got back to chilly Europe or North America.

Practice was good enough, it took a little while to start to generate heat and sweat, people who had later start times saying it was hot in there today , well only because us early risers had warmed it up for them! Sharath only had one Assistant today , so pretty much left alone, which is fine, my Primary has become very consistent here, even if it does take me longer now. Nice Pasasana bind today, so nice I did it again! Then after UD and 6 drop backs Sharat came over to do the assisted ones with me.

It was chilly when we had finished, so again down to Amruth with Julia and the Japanese quartet to drink hot, sweet Chai. They like us now, we don’t have to pay until we go, instead of by the glass. The Japanese hide in the back, while the rest of us sit on the step at the front. The “boy” walks past periodically picking up empties and taking ours back for a refill. You can barely hold the glasses when they first give them to you. The boy must have asbestos hands, as he carries 3 or 4 hot glasses at a time .

Another flatmate left today, Trisha left this evening for Canada. At least she had a nice Rainbow to send her on her way. Hopefully the rain means things are going to warm up again.


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