All before Sunrise


It’s amazing what we fit in before the sun comes up here in Mysore and gladly the sun has reappeared today after a couple of very chilly days.


Quiet Contour Road, a four minute walk to the Shala.

There is virtually no traffic when I set off, it’s dark and for about the only time of the day it’s quiet too. I round the corner by the coconut stand and Scabs is trying out her Upward dog stretch, she’s just waking up, greeting each student.


Scabs is awake to greet us.

The Shala gate already has a few people waiting for Prakash, Sharath’s Nepalese Minder to open up. Everyone knows when, you hear the clang as he unlocks from inside, the Shala lights go on, then the outside light comes on and we all get up ready as the gate swings open and we swarm up the steps, discarding sandals and flip flops, we have all become very adept at stepping out of our footwear without breaking stride .


Students waiting for the gate to open.


Scattered sandals.

Practice was probably as good as it can be today without managing to stand up from backbend. Being a little warmer this morning helped all the binds, apart from UHP I was completely left alone, though you just know Sharath is watching you and everyone else. Nice Pasasana and decent drop backs, then Sharath came over to do the assisted ones, before calling “one more” and yet again it was Kino who took my spot, a cheery “good morning” as I rolled up my mat.


There is an equality in the Shala, no egos that I have noticed, everyone is equal and working as hard in their practice be they doing half primary, full, full primary with a bit of second, full intermediate or the truly bendy doing some amazing looking third series.

It’s still dark when we emerge, the search for Sandals, trying to remember where you stepped out of them two hours earlier, ah there they are!


“ah there they are!”


The coconut man outside selling at 12 Rupees a nut.


Too cold still, so it’s down to Amruth to join the Japanese for steaming hot Chai. The “boy” is called Barat, a glass of hot Chai is in my hands within 5 seconds of walking in. They gave us a table at the back, the locals are shy, eyeing us up, but usually they chat, asking, name, country and those with a bit more English talking, they love having their photos taken and seeing themselves on the digital camera.


Barat pours the Tea.

Watching them make the Chai is fascinating, it’s stirred in a giant Vat, then decanted from a great height into a small metal jug with a lid on that Barat pours from into the glasses.


Chai being made in the Vat


Poured from a great height into the jug

There is also a counter with jars of cookies and sweets. I am sure we are improving their takings no end, most of the Rickshaw and truck drivers drop in for a glass and are then gone, but the six yogis consume anything up to 4 glasses each at 10 Rupees a go before we head off.


Cookie jars


The locals

We are all back in bed as the sun is just about rising over the hills to the east of Mysore .


10 Responses to “All before Sunrise”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    lovely post kev 🙂

  2. Wayne Says:

    I really enjoyed it as well. Sounds like you have settled into a nice routine there!

  3. Pat Moore Says:

    I can’t believe you only have 5 more practices there. It’s gone by so quickly!

  4. dave Says:

    Only five more! I’ll miss these blogs, and appreciate the time you put into them. So there are people there just doing half primary? There may be hope for me after all! 🙂

    • globie Says:

      Hi Dave,

      Glad you have enjoyed the journey from wherever you are.

      There are people here who were doing only up to Mari A or B when they arrived, some are now up to Garbha Pindasana. Sharath seems to be able to remember where everyone is stuck and usually turns up to help or sends one of the Assistants over.

      There’s definitely hope for you. Hope you get here one day and hope I manage to get back here.

  5. fivefootwo Says:

    I am going to miss these. This one is one of my favorites. You now have to do this again one day, just so you know….

    • globie Says:

      I’m going to miss being here, having the time to practice and write.

      This seems to have been a popular post, there is more to Mysore and Gokulam than just yoga.

      I would so love to do this again one day, it’s been so much more than I imagined it was going to be, I’ve met old friends from all over the world and met new friends. I can see why many people arrange their lives so they can come every year.

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