Sharper drishte


Maybe there is something to this New Moon lowers energy business. After yesterday’s good, strong practice, today’s was a bit of a slog. I was pleased to be left alone by the Assistants and Sharath, until it was time for backbends. I had done 7 dropbacks, but despite my new backbend toy, today I just didn’t seem to have the openness in my back and i was dropping from higher up, I wasn’t able to control the decent for as long, but by the standards of a year or even six months ago, these dropbacks do have control. So all things are relative I suppose. Knocked in closing Sirsasana, which annoyed my neck, so I bailed out and finished the rest of closing. Savasana felt cold, so I didn’t stay prone for as long as usual and it was still dark when I left the Shala.

While playing the “hunt the sandals” game, Cara arrived to start her practice, looking at me enviously as I headed for home, all done, while she still had it all to do. After a chai at Amruth, I headed home, i made a drink then waited on the roof for sunrise, which didn’t happen thanks to a big bank of cloud suddenly appearing to obscure the lovely orange sun.


Hotel Xmas Tree

After breakfast I headed to the city, first to the Regaalis to pick up some fresh croissants, even if I did have to wait by a Christmas tree and listen to Jingle Bells, then to collect my new prescription glasses. Very good service, as soon as I walked in the girl went straight to the box and pulled mine out. Official Varilux paperwork with prism. I reckon the amount I have saved buying them here is equivalent to the flight to get here, or maybe next years flight back here. Having a new prescription can be dangerous in the thirdish world, as I misjudged the height of the pavement outside the shop and going up and down steps has been interesting. I havn’t quite worked out which part to look through to read either, but things more distant are much sharper and in focus. Better drishte !


Bag shop


Typewriter man.

I went for a wander to get my eye(s) in, around a different part of the city. I found a street where you could seemingly buy any university text book second hand, one shop did medical, another accountancy etc and in contrast the street had the men who sit outside with Typewriters to cater for those who won’t be worrying about university


Shiva, Gokulam Mr Fixit.

Once it cools down around 4:30 the Coconut stand comes alive again, locals and the yoga folk congregate for Coconuts or Chai. So many different countries represented in such a small space, Japan, Finland, Korea, lots from the US including Kino. The third time this year we have met, Edinburgh in March, London in September and now Mysore for Christmas. Where next I wonder?


With Kino at The Coconut Stand


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