Last Mysore Friday led


My last Friday led in Mysore, this is all going way too fast now, I didn’t think about it until we did the closing chant and i realised I won’t be here next Friday. It wasn’t a great last Friday led, I ended up on a ridged bit of rug and the guy in front had no sense of space, landing on my mat when he jumped back or did Chakorasana, which was annoying. We still have one more led on Sunday to go, but on Sundays it’s jam packed and I never have high expectations. At least there are still two more Mysore sessions to go, maybe a few more will depart and make some room.

Still pitch dark and pretty chilly when we emerged, the six regular Chai drinkers being joined by 2 Canadians and a few others at the Amruth chai stand for a glass or three of the hot sweet liquid. I laughed when one girl asked for hers without sugar, it doesn’t come like that, having watched the guy making it ladle at least 6 huge spoonfuls of sugar into the steaming vat! At home I don’t have sugar, but here it’s how it comes and it tastes damn good after practice.


Mr Snowman

The supermarket are already selling off their Christmas decorations, mini trees are down to 29 Rupees and little snowmen are down to just 15 Rupees! My one concession to Christmas is now the snowman on my doorknob!


Anokhi Garden


Flora and Jennie

This evening the social highlight of the week, the Anokhi Garden Christmas party in aid of a couple of local charity’s. Nice to meet a few more people who I usually only see in the dark in passing or miss altogether with the varying mysore start times. Nice nibbles including Potato burgers and chocolate cake washed down with home made lemonade and chai.


Chocolate cake

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from Mysore.


4 Responses to “Last Mysore Friday led”

  1. fivefootwo Says:

    Kevin, Once again thank you so very much for sharing your photo travelogue with us. Your photos ( subject matter and the shot itself) were outstanding. Safe travels when it is time.

  2. Laura Says:


    Going home is going to suck so focus on the positive, you will soon have Battenburgs and Shepards Pie.


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