The last Mysore in Mysore


On the Shala steps after my last practice.

Well today after nearly 3 months I did my last Mysore practice in Mysore at The Shala. I got my usual spot, surrounded by the usual people, the early birds all now seem to have a preferred spot, there isn’t the scrum to get in on a Mysore day that there is on the led days. Sharath seems to have the local lurgy, he croaked his was through the opening chant, then despite the warmth went back to his office to get a jacket. A really good last practice, everything bound and mostly left alone, until backbends, I did 8 dropbacks on my own then stood up to find Sharath waiting for me.


Waiting at the Shala gate for the last time.

After the assisted ones, I said “thanks, see you next year I hope”. As I arrived at the Shala later for the last chanting Sharath came out, “you still here!” he said, so I had to explain I leave this evening.


My Mat rolled out for the last time in it’s preferred spot, 4th row under the White ball.

Closing was interesting, I realised as I went up into Sirsasana that I had sun burned my head!


Prakash always on guard at the Shala gate.

After practice my last Chai poured by Bharat at Amruth, I tried the coconut thing, but could never work out what the fuss was about, but Chai after practice that rocks, especially at Amruth who always made a space for us and made us welcome.


Angelika and David from my own YP.

It’s been a wonderful three months, practice every day in heat and humidity, though I won’t miss the early alarm clock calls. My practice is much deeper, more fluid, less thinking, just doing and the obvious highlight has been standing up from backbend in the Shala with Sharath standing at the top of my mat, he believed I could do it and kept telling me, as Anna said it was like I had a personal cheer leader. I just wish I could repeat it with more frequency, but I’m sure it will come, I now at least believe it is possible, before I came to Mysore I never thought it would happen. Then to be told to “take Pasasana


Bye Scabs, you look so much better, hope they keep looking out for you.

Ive Been saying goodbye all day, some people I will see in London, some further afield like Kino and Tim. Some maybe not until next time I come, if I do ever get to come back and others probably i will never see again. But all have made this such a good three months. Don’t all rush now for my vacated spot in the morning!

So it’s all over now, back to reality.


The rumour about Gokulam being a one Horse town appear to be true!


9 Responses to “The last Mysore in Mysore”

  1. suresh Says:

    Hope you’ll visit Mysore next year too!!! so long….friend!!

  2. Linda Says:

    Thank you for sharing Kevin! It’s been lovely to follow your journey to Mysore and everything that has happened there. I hope you get to go back there. Have a safe journey home!

  3. Claudia Says:

    Oh, how nice, three months, worthwhile? I would guess yes! what a lovely feeling…

  4. Susie Says:

    Been great following along with you Kevin – thanks so much for being such a consistent blogger! Safe trip home … đŸ™‚

  5. Liz W Says:

    I can hardly believe it’s been three months already! I’m glad it was good.

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