Tetley folk do yoga

Practice at home the last couple of days, though it’s noticeable how different doing practice is in a cool room with low humidity, despite warming up and generally playing around beforehand I’m not as open. But I have carried on Sundays good work and managed to stand up from one block. I’m still looking for something between the block and the floor.

I joined the unemployed today, signing on, online these days, but have also been busy finishing off the travel talk on Mysore I’m giving on Saturday afternoon, it’s hard to decide what to leave out and though trying to give some background to why I went to Mysore, I’m conscious of not spending the 30 minutes boring the audience to death with yoga talk.

I’m delighted that two things close to my heart have come together, yoga and tea, the newest advert by Tetley features Sydney getting both his feet behind his head in the advert for Green Tea. It’s not quite Chai like in Mysore but it’s a good start, perhaps they will do a Tetley Chai.

Here’s a link to the advert


11 Responses to “Tetley folk do yoga”

  1. Maria Says:

    Hey Kevin
    Happy New Year!
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the great blog entries and insight into Mysore life that you have provided over the past few months. It has been a privelege following you on this journey over the past years or from the “dream” to the actualization of that dream.

    Doing the dole thing will be short term for you I am sure of it – may great things come your way in 2012!


    • Globie Says:

      Hi Maria

      Thank you for reading along all these years, from when Mysore was just an idea to when it became a reality. Its been quite a journey to realise the dream and is one I would like to repeat having now achieved it.

      Hopefully something will materialise on the job front, though it’s not good round here.

      Happy new year

  2. Susie Says:

    Hi Kevin
    Happy New Year from me too – and ditto on what Maria said about your blogging – in general and from Mysore in particular!

    I hope 2012 will be a wonderful year for us all – and signing on may be a bore, but I’m sure new and exciting things are just round the corner! šŸ™‚

    • Globie Says:

      Hi Susie

      Happy new year

      Glad you enjoyed following along, you are another who has been there since Mysore was just a nice idea, through the mental recognition of wanting to make it realisable and then to it’s fruition.

      Well at least signing on via my iPad was painless.

      I hope 2012 is good for us all

  3. lauramccormack Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I bought a warm mist humidifier for my home practice. It makes a difference. I also have two space heaters.

    Tetley Chai is not good. I left you the small box when I left Mysore. Did you try it?


  4. Globie Says:

    Hi Laura

    Yes I tried the Chai you left, even with sugar it didn’t taste like it does at Amruth down the road

  5. maria Says:

    When you sign on you can do it on-line? Thats cool! In Ireland you have to go in person to the office with two pieces of ID,and your P45. After that you have to present in person at least once per month, and you have to present in person each week at the post office to collect your dole in cash. It used to be that they deposited directly into your bank a/c.

    It changed because in Ireland we’ve had a lot of SW fraud. A lot on the border where people were collecting both in NI and in the RoI. And people were working abroad and claiming in Ireland at the same time.

    And, of course they dont call it dole here any more. Thats not PC – now its called unemployment benefit (for the first year ur on it – non means tested if you have worked for five of the previous six years) and after that unemployment assistance (which is means tested)

    In anycase – you’ve worked long enough and hard enough and paid your taxes – it is your money.

    • globie Says:

      Hi Maria,

      Yes you seem to only be able initially to do it online or by phone. I tried the phone but it was permanently engaged. They then contact you allegedly within 2 days to set an appointment where you have to show P45 etc as you do in Ireland. Option of into bank or collect from Post Office.
      It’s called Jobseekers Allowance here, there are other benefits you can apply for on top. So today I applied for 2 jobs and sent my CV to an Agency, so I am seeking!

      That’s the way I see it, I’ve paid enough in taxes as a single person, about time they did more than empty my bin every two weeks.

  6. maria Says:

    actually its called Jobseekers here too, I just realised! But usually thats those who are not on it too long. The LTU’s all call it ‘unemployment” or “dole”
    ya In ireland, if you buy a dog license (cost 7euro), you get extra money in your weekely benefit ( to feed teh dog i guess) but you dont ACTUALLY have to have a dog! And if you have a cat, that doesnt count. i guess teh belief is that a cat can feed itself. or at least find food easier???

  7. Ragdoll Says:

    I’m also having dealings with the Jobcentre (or ‘Jobcentre Plus’ as they’re now known, there’s nothing like a random bit of rebranding!). They’ve generally been brilliant, but are crazy busy just now because of so many people on temporary work being laid off after Christmas. In England we have to sign on every fortnight, and have longer meetings checking up how we’re doing, offering advice and training etc every few weeks.

    Hope you find the staff in your office as helpful as they are in mine, Globie.

    • globie Says:

      Hi R

      I’m still waiting for them to contact me after filling in the form online, they said in two days, but as you say they are busy right now.
      How soon do they pay you any money is my real concern.

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