Adjusting back


After the not many adjustments in Mysore it was quite an adjustment to get back to today’s quantity of adjustments. Just 5 of us doing Mysore practice at TLC this morning with Philipa, so lots and lots of help, though I could hear my body saying “what’s going on”, Downward dog, Triko B, PPC, Utkatasana just in standing, then the Paschimot squish, Janu A, Mari D and P’s speciality Supta Kurmasana lifting up into Dwi Pada with hands in prayer, I’ve missed that, only Isa in Mysore did anywhere near that.

While I have been away the builders on the roof of the house opposite have finished, so we no longer have an audience until the windows steam up.

I had done Pasasana but she had me do it again to get my feet flat, nice bind though, before lots of backbends, thankfully she let me play, dropbacks to the floor then standing up off my blocks. She’s on a mission to wean me off the blocks though, i was down to 2 blocks when she took them away and had me dropback on my own to the floor, before initiating the forward/upward movement, before she let go, forcing me to engage and do the rest. I realised what her game was after the first one where I didn’t engage quick enough and fell back! The more we did the earlier she let go. Being so few people she had me do quite a lot of dropbacks, no queue waiting.

Really good practice, I enjoy TLC with it’s small numbers and lots of help.

This afternoon I gave my talk on Mysore, over 120 people in the audience today and it went really well, despite over running a bit. Lots of nice comments afterwards too, in the Q&A part someone asked about cycling the road from Bangalore to Mysore, I told them only if they have a death wish! Despite talking quite a lot about what you can see and do in Mysore and being a predominantly non yogi audience, I got quite a lot of yoga related questions. The only “why?” question being “why don’t you do it at a more civilised hour?”


The T-shirt


12 Responses to “Adjusting back”

  1. Ragdoll Says:

    Glad the talk went down so well. Love your t-shirt! Sometimes I do feel like my arms really are that long.

  2. globie Says:

    I’m doing a longer version in Chester in July. The T-shirt is fun, the eyebrows are made of the word “drishte”.

  3. Ragdoll Says:

    Let me know when in July, I’d love to come along and hear it, and to get to meet you into the bargain!

  4. Pat Moore Says:

    I liked the shirt too. It’s always amusing when people ask the question “why?”

    • globie Says:

      They ran out of those T-shirts in the first week.
      At least it wasn’t “why do you do it?”, but I could understand them asking why we don’t do it at a more civilised hour!

  5. susananda Says:

    I would love to hear this talk!!! I have a feeling Chester’s far away though, haha. How excellent that they were interested in yoga 😀

    And yeah. The shirt….sooo nice.

    • globie Says:

      Hi Susan,

      Well Guildford in December will be much nearer for you than Chester. Maybe I should do it one night at YP. The Guildford one will be 90 minutes.

      Look out in the Shala shop for the T shirts, they were getting some more made, there was a nice blue one as well as the grey, but they didn’t have any “L’s” left in blue when I got mine.

  6. susananda Says:

    You TOTALLY should do the talk at YP !!!!!!!!

    I haven’t even been in the shop yet, where is it?? lol
    Will have to have some sort of t-shirt or practice top to take away.

  7. Globie Says:

    Be fun to do it at YP

    The shop is the little door next to the ladies changing room.

  8. maria Says:

    Cool Shirt

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