Losing it – forgot Pasasana and the washing!

It had to be an AYL practice today, as the train was 25 minutes late. I couldn’t believe how quiet the place was, only 5 people practising when I walked in at 8:15, where are they all, in Mysore still probably! Anna asked where I had gotten to all this time, i hadn’t seen her since Sharath was in London back in August. Back then AYL was packed both before and after Sharath, but now I could pick my spot.

Nice steady practice in some heat, I thought I was slow, but had done primary in 70 minutes, promptly forgot Pasasana and passed “Go” straight to Urdva Dhanurasana. A new enthusiastic Assistant today, she gave a good Baddha Konasana squish, then even assisted my UD’s, straightening my hands and feet up. She assisted a couple of drop backs then let me do them on my own, assisting me up, saying she hardly did anything. It took three before my upper back opened up, giving me the control and giving my lower back a rest.

Did closing in the Finishing Room, though really there was no reason to move, even by the time I finished there were still only 6 people practising.

It will have to be AYL again next Sunday as senile dementia is obviously setting in, having forgotten Pasasana I realised when I got home that I had left my yoga togs wrapped up in my towel in the changing cubicle! A week of fermenting, they may even walk home on their own!


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