Demi block and wiggling.

I think the day I stand up again is getting nearer. I went to the local Shala again on Saturday and discovered in the “Toy cupboard” that C has some blocks that are less than half the thickness of the standard ones. After coming up from two then one I decided to try from the Demi block, same width and length, but less than 20mm high. It worked, I came up surprisingly easily. I realised that pressing into the blocks seems to make me keep my arms straight and strong, where as on the floor my arms bend at the big moment.

Sunday AYL for the third week running, surprisingly quiet, got my fave spot in the corner by the Radiator. A much quicker practice for some reason, quite a bit of help,PPC, UHP, Tiriang Mukha and a deepening of my already bound Mari D.

Usually you get assisted in Supta K, I have given up the “beat the Teacher” game at AYL, ie trying to get into it on my own before they spot me, today I was in Kurmasana and saw V’s toes expecting her to bind me up, but nope, she tells me to wiggle in to it, nice to do it on my own, she just tightened things up a bit.

I forgot Pasasana again, V reminded me as I was heading for the Finishing Room, ooops! No toys at AYL, so just normal drop backs, walking in, rocking up onto the finger tips, then V pinging me up very easily.

After practice and breakfast I headed to Olympia to be a Travel Adviser at the Adventure Travel Show. Very busy show and a great advert for the travel club.

4 Responses to “Demi block and wiggling.”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    So close now!

  2. ivanalindgreen Says:

    well done you! i am going to shala on tuesday – can’t wait to get back in there.

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