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Back on the Treadmill

February 26, 2012

First week at the new job, good for the Bank balance, but bad for my backbends and calf muscles, hopefully things will settle down. Back to evening practice as well after five months of very early mornings, late mornings and occasional afternoons. A bit of a left side back spasm on Thursday night, dropbacks have gone off, standing up attempts seem way off.

The practice before work plan has never seemed likely to happen, well not when it’s dark and cold. I have woken up, stuck a toe out from under the Duvet and quickly pulled it back and turned over.

I took Friday off practice, played instead on my backbend toys and foam roller to try to loosen up my stiff back. Saturday morning at the local Shala, it had warmed up by the time I started, so a decent practice, everything bound, 6 x UD followed by 3 dropbacks without annoying my back. I resisted piling up the Blocks to stand up.

Late train to AYL, the Shala was full by the time I arrived, but luckily a couple of people were just finishing so didn’t have to wait long. I ended up near where the Teachers and Assistants stand, so got quite a lot of help today 🙂 Supta K on my own before two goes at Garbha having head butted the wall behind me on the first go round, V telling me to relax my jaw!

Really warm in there today, my mat was drenched by the time I got to backbends. As usual it took a few UD’s to get going but after number 4 I could walk in much further. A good dropback day, 6 unassisted, then I spotted a couple of blocks, a rare sight at usually prop free AYL. Managed to get in a couple of stand ups from them before L came to do assisted ups, she has me go back on my own, exhale, walk in,3 rocks and up. On the last one she said she hadn’t done anything, I’m not so sure, but she didn’t do much.

Hopefully backbends are coming back. Nice practice in decent heat, all is coming!

Im joining the 21st century this week, I ordered a digital TV


Plans come together

February 19, 2012


It’s been a busy week, a second interview on Monday, then a compulsory “Back 2 work” presentation on Tuesday, after that waste of time and signing on I practised in the afternoon and yet again on a Tuesday I managed to stand up off the floor after playing on the blocks, I dont know what it is about Tuesday afternoons and backbends, not to mention binding Pasasana.

Friday I went to the Local Shala, steady plod through, as usual I was the first to start and last to finish, being the only one going much beyond half primary. My backbends were AWOL, it’s all gone back into the lower back, I can feel the upper back and chest just aren’t as open. After practice chatting to C about Mysore, she asked me to do the Mysore talk I did in London at the Shala for the local yoga community. So it’s going to be a night of “Chai & chat” in aid of charity next month out in the sticks.

Saturday evening I thought I had better check the morning train, waaaaah bloody engineering work, there is no early train! I actually woke too late for the replacement Bus, but if the first train was on time I would still be able to get to AYL, or if not bail out to the local Shala. I wanted to get to AYL for the heat and humidity. Luckily the train came and I rolled out my mat at 8:50. Good practice in the oven, bound everything including Pasasana, better backbends in that heat, steam rising off me in UD, then better dropbacks before L came over to assist. I came up but forgot to breath.

At least AYL being open until 11:00 gives me a chance to practice in some decent heat, it makes such a difference.

It was nearly 5 months ago that I quit the job and finally headed to Mysore, a risk to leave a job in the middle of a recession. I spent three of the best months of my life in southern India with a bunch of like minded souls from around the globe. I arrived back to the European winter at the end of December and started looking for a new job, well 6 weeks, 16 applications and 4 interviews later I have one, I start on Monday. I love it when a plan comes together.

Another week

February 13, 2012

A lot seems to have happened since going to yoga in the snow last week, I have been turned down for two jobs without even getting an interview, another’s closing date was Friday, I’m still waiting fingers crossed and finally a job I applied for mainly to satisfy the hoops you have to jump through to get your miserly benefits has ended with two interviews. It turned out to be a bit different to how the advert portrayed it and more my kinda thing.

Practice has been a bit on and off, some of the ones at home were actually better than this weekend at the Shala. I again ended up at AYL thanks to the abysmal state of this country’s railway system. But pleased to see Louise was teaching with assistant V. I felt sorry for V, I’m skinny and small, but there were quite a few big guys doing practice, I had visions of her being knocked in to the floor like a nail as she held up their heavy legs in UHP!

Practice was laboured and I started running out of energy and felt “off” after Supta K, I had to have two goes at Garbha but lost the lotus in Kukutasana . At least I remembered Pasasana this week, even if the first side wasn’t bound. A few dropbacks on my own before V came to tell me I was landing too far back, I know it, I can feel my chest isn’t as open and I’m not breathing, even coming up assisted today I wasn’t inhaling until I got to the top. Oh well there is always tomorrow, you can’t tell from one day to the next how the body is going to perform or if the mind is going to shut up.

Oh and I just saw DK is visiting London again in July for a week, i would love to do that, not practised with her since Stockholm, I just need to find a job to pay for it and then book the time, though booking a Hotel then could be the issue with the Olympics.

Escaping the snow to practice

February 5, 2012


This was the snowy scene this morning at 7am waiting for the train, whose lights you can see coming in to view. I had literally had to dig my way to practice, 10 inches of drifted snow meant I couldn’t even get my front gate open. Surprisingly the train was actually on time, funny how they can manage that in a foot of snow, but not in the summer.

AYL was very quiet, only two people practising when I got there and only around 8 the whole time I practised. It turned out to be a bit of a stiff practice, a combination of the cold, a day off lugging a rucksack round and running the Travel Club yesterday.

At least I didn’t forget Pasasana this week and mostly left alone, apart from the usual. L had a couple of beginners to instruct and no Assistant today, quite strange hearing instructions at AYL, it’s usually pretty quiet in there, peoples breath, coughs and the occasional laugh are all that usually punctuate practice.

My upper back was shut, it took five UD’s to be able to walk my hands anywhere near in towards my feet, oh for those days in the Mysore heat when I felt like I was walking in miles. I managed to land 4 dropbacks before Louise turned up to assist, first three down, walk in then up, last one she tried to get me to almost bounce straight back up, instead of having the feeling of the weight sinking in to the hands and arms. Her plan almost worked, but it felt like my hands were too far back. I think on a bendier day where I land my hands nearer my feet it could happen.

Oh well always tomorrow. But at least I got there.