Escaping the snow to practice


This was the snowy scene this morning at 7am waiting for the train, whose lights you can see coming in to view. I had literally had to dig my way to practice, 10 inches of drifted snow meant I couldn’t even get my front gate open. Surprisingly the train was actually on time, funny how they can manage that in a foot of snow, but not in the summer.

AYL was very quiet, only two people practising when I got there and only around 8 the whole time I practised. It turned out to be a bit of a stiff practice, a combination of the cold, a day off lugging a rucksack round and running the Travel Club yesterday.

At least I didn’t forget Pasasana this week and mostly left alone, apart from the usual. L had a couple of beginners to instruct and no Assistant today, quite strange hearing instructions at AYL, it’s usually pretty quiet in there, peoples breath, coughs and the occasional laugh are all that usually punctuate practice.

My upper back was shut, it took five UD’s to be able to walk my hands anywhere near in towards my feet, oh for those days in the Mysore heat when I felt like I was walking in miles. I managed to land 4 dropbacks before Louise turned up to assist, first three down, walk in then up, last one she tried to get me to almost bounce straight back up, instead of having the feeling of the weight sinking in to the hands and arms. Her plan almost worked, but it felt like my hands were too far back. I think on a bendier day where I land my hands nearer my feet it could happen.

Oh well always tomorrow. But at least I got there.


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