Another week

A lot seems to have happened since going to yoga in the snow last week, I have been turned down for two jobs without even getting an interview, another’s closing date was Friday, I’m still waiting fingers crossed and finally a job I applied for mainly to satisfy the hoops you have to jump through to get your miserly benefits has ended with two interviews. It turned out to be a bit different to how the advert portrayed it and more my kinda thing.

Practice has been a bit on and off, some of the ones at home were actually better than this weekend at the Shala. I again ended up at AYL thanks to the abysmal state of this country’s railway system. But pleased to see Louise was teaching with assistant V. I felt sorry for V, I’m skinny and small, but there were quite a few big guys doing practice, I had visions of her being knocked in to the floor like a nail as she held up their heavy legs in UHP!

Practice was laboured and I started running out of energy and felt “off” after Supta K, I had to have two goes at Garbha but lost the lotus in Kukutasana . At least I remembered Pasasana this week, even if the first side wasn’t bound. A few dropbacks on my own before V came to tell me I was landing too far back, I know it, I can feel my chest isn’t as open and I’m not breathing, even coming up assisted today I wasn’t inhaling until I got to the top. Oh well there is always tomorrow, you can’t tell from one day to the next how the body is going to perform or if the mind is going to shut up.

Oh and I just saw DK is visiting London again in July for a week, i would love to do that, not practised with her since Stockholm, I just need to find a job to pay for it and then book the time, though booking a Hotel then could be the issue with the Olympics.


2 Responses to “Another week”

  1. V Says:

    LOL, I’m little but strong!

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