Plans come together


It’s been a busy week, a second interview on Monday, then a compulsory “Back 2 work” presentation on Tuesday, after that waste of time and signing on I practised in the afternoon and yet again on a Tuesday I managed to stand up off the floor after playing on the blocks, I dont know what it is about Tuesday afternoons and backbends, not to mention binding Pasasana.

Friday I went to the Local Shala, steady plod through, as usual I was the first to start and last to finish, being the only one going much beyond half primary. My backbends were AWOL, it’s all gone back into the lower back, I can feel the upper back and chest just aren’t as open. After practice chatting to C about Mysore, she asked me to do the Mysore talk I did in London at the Shala for the local yoga community. So it’s going to be a night of “Chai & chat” in aid of charity next month out in the sticks.

Saturday evening I thought I had better check the morning train, waaaaah bloody engineering work, there is no early train! I actually woke too late for the replacement Bus, but if the first train was on time I would still be able to get to AYL, or if not bail out to the local Shala. I wanted to get to AYL for the heat and humidity. Luckily the train came and I rolled out my mat at 8:50. Good practice in the oven, bound everything including Pasasana, better backbends in that heat, steam rising off me in UD, then better dropbacks before L came over to assist. I came up but forgot to breath.

At least AYL being open until 11:00 gives me a chance to practice in some decent heat, it makes such a difference.

It was nearly 5 months ago that I quit the job and finally headed to Mysore, a risk to leave a job in the middle of a recession. I spent three of the best months of my life in southern India with a bunch of like minded souls from around the globe. I arrived back to the European winter at the end of December and started looking for a new job, well 6 weeks, 16 applications and 4 interviews later I have one, I start on Monday. I love it when a plan comes together.


12 Responses to “Plans come together”

  1. ivanalindgreen Says:

    oh, well done! glad to hear that the job hunting is over.
    i am still battling with my knee and my mind – going through some serious crisis ashtanga-wise ;-( enjoy your sunday

  2. Maria Says:

    great that ur back in the swing of things Kevin – good luck for new start on Monday. I wish u well

  3. Pat Moore Says:

    Congratulations on the new job! I’m really not surprised that it came together for you. Have a great week 🙂

  4. Ragdoll Says:

    Brilliant, well done you! And in super quick time, as well.

    Good luck for Monday.

    • globie Says:

      Thanks R,

      It has happened quicker than expected. It’s exactly a year today since I went back to work after the hospital episode, how much has changed in 12 months.

  5. mariavlong Says:

    A one man A team! Well done & congratulations.

  6. thealmostyogi Says:

    Wow! Very inspirational that you quit work to make the Mysore pilgrimage! I’m hoping to get there next year.

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