Back on the Treadmill

First week at the new job, good for the Bank balance, but bad for my backbends and calf muscles, hopefully things will settle down. Back to evening practice as well after five months of very early mornings, late mornings and occasional afternoons. A bit of a left side back spasm on Thursday night, dropbacks have gone off, standing up attempts seem way off.

The practice before work plan has never seemed likely to happen, well not when it’s dark and cold. I have woken up, stuck a toe out from under the Duvet and quickly pulled it back and turned over.

I took Friday off practice, played instead on my backbend toys and foam roller to try to loosen up my stiff back. Saturday morning at the local Shala, it had warmed up by the time I started, so a decent practice, everything bound, 6 x UD followed by 3 dropbacks without annoying my back. I resisted piling up the Blocks to stand up.

Late train to AYL, the Shala was full by the time I arrived, but luckily a couple of people were just finishing so didn’t have to wait long. I ended up near where the Teachers and Assistants stand, so got quite a lot of help today 🙂 Supta K on my own before two goes at Garbha having head butted the wall behind me on the first go round, V telling me to relax my jaw!

Really warm in there today, my mat was drenched by the time I got to backbends. As usual it took a few UD’s to get going but after number 4 I could walk in much further. A good dropback day, 6 unassisted, then I spotted a couple of blocks, a rare sight at usually prop free AYL. Managed to get in a couple of stand ups from them before L came to do assisted ups, she has me go back on my own, exhale, walk in,3 rocks and up. On the last one she said she hadn’t done anything, I’m not so sure, but she didn’t do much.

Hopefully backbends are coming back. Nice practice in decent heat, all is coming!

Im joining the 21st century this week, I ordered a digital TV


3 Responses to “Back on the Treadmill”

  1. suresh sharma Says:

    Practice……..All will come!!!!

  2. Ragdoll Says:

    Enjoy your new telly! But hopefully you’ll be a bit more discerning than me in your choice of viewing (how can some shows be so rubbish, and yet so addictive?).

    Hope the new job’s going OK, I agree that full practices before work are always going to be tricksy. This morning I did up to navasana and an abridged closing and still didn’t make it in until 10am. Oops. But evening practices – without a teacher – just don’t seem to work out for me. So I’m jealous of your after work discipline!

    • Globie Says:

      Hi R,

      Well new Telly picks up analogue but is unable to find any digital channels at all, I know it works ok as they tested it at work for me and it found over 100 channels, so I may have to get a new aerial 😦

      Work is going ok, a less intense and stressed environment

      I try to practice most evenings, but it just feels like maintenance ready for “proper” practice at the Shala on the weekend.

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