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The weekend

March 25, 2012

After 2 days off, Thursday was Moon day and Friday I gave the talk on Mysore, it was back to Saturday practice at the local Shala, yes I observe Moon days (most of the time), but I do practice on Saturdays because I have the time, in the real world unlike in Mysore, it’s still a case of fitting practice in around life. The warmest day of the year so far and by the time I got to the Shala those already there had warmed it up nicely, so a decent practice, all of Primary bound, finger touch on the first side of Pasasana and finger grip on the second. Nice drop backs and stood up from one block. My neck is still averse to Setu B and my still very tight right hamstring makes the bum balances a bit of a trial.

As usual I was virtually the last one bending, only a couple of people who came really late were also still there. A few people were kind enough to say how much they enjoyed the Mysore talk and the Shala owner even asked if I would do it again later in the year.

Deprived of an hours sleep last night thanks to changing the clocks to “BST” and as usual the useless train co were late, so no way again for YP. Looks like lots of people forgot, AYL was very quiet at 8am, my usual spot in the corner, lots of space until 9am when it suddenly filled up. So quiet I got squashed 4 times in the Surya’s!

Even managed to beat the Teacher and Assistant V into Supta K 🙂
After 5 nice controlled drop backs on my own V was waiting for me, back to playing the drop back then “no thinking” come straight back up game like last week. It felt like I had more control this week too, though it’s hard to judge how much is my doing and how much is V pulling my hips forward.

At least the sun came out for Savasana in the Finishing Room, before a nice yogi breakfast, just as well I had extra cuppas as we had a Mysore style power cut when I got home.


Friday Chai & chat

March 24, 2012

Friday evening at the Local Shala Chai and chat, as I gave my talk on Mysore. It was a whole new presentation compared to the one I gave in London in January to a non yoga audience. This time I made it more about what it’s like to practice at “The Shala” and what it’s like to live in Mysore, the practicalities and what goes on in the 22 hours when you are not on your mat.

It was meant to be an hour, but what with a yoga audience asking more interesting questions it ended up being over 90 minutes, but nobody minded and everyone said how much they enjoyed it. The Local Shala didn’t charge entrance, instead they asked for donations to Guruji’s charity in Mysore.

Thanks to Jen who made real Chai and Jeremy for help with Projector and screen, as usual the star of the show was Scabs.


I hope some of them were inspired to make the journey.

Not thinking

March 18, 2012


Heat and humidity make such a difference to practice, the whole process from the first Surya A onwards through to the backbends have a different feeling. AYL can usually be relied on for heat and humidity and today was no exception. Left alone in standing apart from having my heal stood on in Parsvakonasana and the usual Prasarita C assist. Left to wobble by myself in UHP.

More help in seated, Paschimottanasana squash, Tiriang Mukha re-alignment, I’m always lopsided. Managed to beat the Teacher and Aasistant in to Supta K 🙂 V arrived for a nice assist in Badha Konasana.

Bound the second side of Pasasana on my own again. Pasasana is a lot easier in the mornings it seems. After UD I managed to get in 3 dropbacks of my own, but before I could think about going to the toy cupboard and looking for the blocks V was standing there to do assisted. She arrived with a plan, drop back and come straight back up, no thinking time. No chance to land and sink the weight into my hands, no time to think about it. Again she reckoned she hardly did anything, not sure about that, but coming up felt much smoother and more controlled. Not thinking about it seems to make a difference, the longer I am down there thinking about it the less likely i am to stand up. Thinking about it, the first time I managed to do it on my own in Mysore was when Sharath yelled “stand up” and I stopped thinking about it and just did it. So maybe next week V should just yell!


Closing in the sunshine next to the Radiator, before opening my eyes and seeing the noticeboard with the Moon day and a reminder to the Sunday folk that we get an hour less in bed next week.

No egg hunting this week, brunch in Primrose Hill instead

Saturday practice

March 17, 2012


Wet, cold morning, practice at the local Shala. Not warm enough really, but an OK practice, standing up from the 1/3rd thickness Block. C just leaves me alone to play backbends.

She has a poster up for the talk I’m giving on Mysore next Friday. Anyone is welcome to turn up, though you can book as well.

Yoga and more eggs in the sunshine

March 11, 2012


The early Sunday train was yet again cancelled, so a 30 minute wait, but as I waited a Nurse who was also waiting, saw my mat bag and asked if I was going to do yoga. It turned out that she had been to Mysore a few years ago and we chatted about practice, Mysore and the Ashtanga community, people we both know. But at least I’m not the only Ashtangi in the sticks who has been to Mysore. At least the delay and eventual journey passed quite nicely.


I knew AYL was warm as my glasses steamed up as I tried to punch in the door entry code! My favourite spot in the corner by the Radiator. I soon got into a nice steady rhythm, only assists during standing came in Parsvakonasana and PPC from Louise.


Seated seem to slow me down, assisted in Mari A and Supta K then rescued by the Assistant in Garbha as I got beached half way round! I at least remembered Pasasana, even if I couldn’t quite bind the first side.

Strong Urdva Dhanurasanas, so much better than last Sunday, then 3 good dropbacks. I saw the blocks and then did a couple of stand ups from them before Louise spotted me and took my toys away! She had a new game this week, as she says I can do it without blocks, she let me drop back, walk in and straight back up. She says my hips need to be a little higher and about 2 inches forward to change the centre of gravity then it will “just” happen, I wish!


Practice as I like it, hot and dripping , aware of the steam coming off me in Sirsasana before one of those Savasana’s in the sun where you want to stay all day.


Breakfast in 7 Dials, then back to egg hunting, just 14 found today!


Sunday back at YP

March 4, 2012


Golden Egg in the city

The first time I have managed to get back to YP since January, but not the practice I had hoped for after waking up with a splitting headache which lasted half the day and teacher Cary being away ill. I got through standing ok, but seated became a slog, I kept having to take rests. After Urdva Dhanurasana I didn’t even bother trying dropbacks, that could of added concussion. Some days are like that.

At least over the weekend I managed to book a place on Dena’s August workshop in Berlin, arrange flights and accommodation, easier than trying to do her London one during the Olympics.

It was a wet cold day in London, but i still managed to find a couple more of the eggs, lovely Golden egg at Liverpool Street with the Gerkin skyline in the background. 9 eggs found over the weekend, only 191 to go!


Egg collage

Yoga and Eggs

March 3, 2012


After yoga I came across this quirky orange sculpture, I love things like this, they brighten up a city no end.


Yoga was in the Loft at TLC with P, only 7 of us, so lots of help, a lovely deep Mari C assist, her usual lift out of Supta K into Dwi Pada and a great heals down bound Pasasana assist. She left me alone for backbends, so 5 Urdva Dhanurasana, 3 regular dropbacks followed by a few on to 2 Blocks and standing up, she just watched and them as she squished me in Paschimott said my stand ups are coming along nicely 🙂

It seemed a long practice, but wasn’t in the end when I saw the clock.

Two years ago the city was full of multi coloured Elephants dotted around the city, well today I discovered London is now full of 3 feet high multi coloured Easter Eggs. All kinds of colours and designs, but another fun thing to brighten the city on a wet day.


Think this is the “Cousin It” hairy egg!