The weekend

After 2 days off, Thursday was Moon day and Friday I gave the talk on Mysore, it was back to Saturday practice at the local Shala, yes I observe Moon days (most of the time), but I do practice on Saturdays because I have the time, in the real world unlike in Mysore, it’s still a case of fitting practice in around life. The warmest day of the year so far and by the time I got to the Shala those already there had warmed it up nicely, so a decent practice, all of Primary bound, finger touch on the first side of Pasasana and finger grip on the second. Nice drop backs and stood up from one block. My neck is still averse to Setu B and my still very tight right hamstring makes the bum balances a bit of a trial.

As usual I was virtually the last one bending, only a couple of people who came really late were also still there. A few people were kind enough to say how much they enjoyed the Mysore talk and the Shala owner even asked if I would do it again later in the year.

Deprived of an hours sleep last night thanks to changing the clocks to “BST” and as usual the useless train co were late, so no way again for YP. Looks like lots of people forgot, AYL was very quiet at 8am, my usual spot in the corner, lots of space until 9am when it suddenly filled up. So quiet I got squashed 4 times in the Surya’s!

Even managed to beat the Teacher and Assistant V into Supta K šŸ™‚
After 5 nice controlled drop backs on my own V was waiting for me, back to playing the drop back then “no thinking” come straight back up game like last week. It felt like I had more control this week too, though it’s hard to judge how much is my doing and how much is V pulling my hips forward.

At least the sun came out for Savasana in the Finishing Room, before a nice yogi breakfast, just as well I had extra cuppas as we had a Mysore style power cut when I got home.


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