Practice, Flash mob & Chocolate


Chocolate Buttons

What happened to the summer that we lost an hours sleep for last weekend? It was so cold this morning the cars had frost on them!

At least AYL was like an Oven, L thought it was too hot, but I much prefer too hot and humid to cold, it made for a nice sweaty bendy practice.Left alone in standing apart the usual Prasarita C torture. New Assistant this week, I didn’t win the Supta K race, I knew someone was there as I got into Kurmasana and soon felt my feet and arms being stretched, bent and bound into place. She also gave me a nice Baddha Konasana squash. 🙂

Left to play Pasasana and Urdva Dhanurasana before then getting in 5 drop backs before assistance arrived. There is something about having someone in front of me, my stand ups seemed much better if a bit of a stumble once coming up. No practice next Sunday, the Shala is closed and no trains anyway.


A very small Flash mob

By the time I finished it was bright and sunny, so after the usual croissant and Tea pit stop I headed down to the south bank for the Yoga & Chocolate flash mob. It was arranged by an ethical chocolate company,

Well not much of a mob, but on the plus side more chocolate for those who took part. An easy stretch in the sun for me, more chocolate, the reward for the mob were quite a few of the tasty chocolate buttons in the picture,yummy, followed by a wander around the rest of the chocolate festival. The publicity lady for the chocolate company asked me if I thought yoga and chocolate could catch on, little does she know what chocaholics the yoga folk are


I resisted buying, somehow, though the price had a lot to do with it!


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