Head Last – Take 2


Wally at last

A criminal Good Friday moon day Shala practice to make up for no train Easter Sunday. TY was very quiet, but filled up a little later, all the Ashtangi’s probably having a holiday lie in. Although it wasn’t cold it wasn’t toasty warm either, the big open spaces in the big Shalas are never warm enough for my liking. Left alone apart from a couple of tweaks in standing, glad not to get assisted in UHP, my right hamstring is very tight, it definitely needs heat.

More help in seated, Paschimot squash then Mari A and D. My already bound hands bound tighter in Supta K, but stretching the right leg out for Titibhasana exit isn’t happening.


London egg

It took quite a few more than the prescribed 3 Urdva Dhanurasanas to get some good ones. I thought I was going to get away with playing around on my own in drop backs, but on number 3 Jen, unbeknown to me, was waiting for me to land before pinging me back up to standing. Jen was standing in today, I havnt practised with her in a few years, but different Teachers see different things. I know it’s “head last” coming up, but Jen spotted that I tilt my head back going down, obviously looking for the floor, this takes the weight back faster , where as on the next 4 she got me to try and leave my head in line with my body until I was nearer landing, allowing for the control to last longer on the way down. So now it’s “head last” going back as well as coming up!


Post Office egg which was once stolen and returned before the price of stamps increased.

Nice also to run into L who I last saw at Santosha cafe in Mysore.

After practice and breakfast I went to Covent Garden, somehow despite having my credit card with me managing to not buy the new iPad , tempting though it was after playing on it. Instead I went to see all the Great Egg Hunt eggs all brought together for Easter in Covent Garden Piazza, finally got my photo of the “Where’s Wally” egg along with “The Post Box” and some beauties made to look like Globes.


Globe eggs


4 Responses to “Head Last – Take 2”

  1. Wayne Says:

    “Jen spotted that I tilt my head back going down, obviously looking for the floor, this takes the weight back faster” – interesting, I tend to do the same thing and have been wondering how to slow my descent. Obvious now that you mention it!

  2. Wayne Says:

    Certainly addresses that “oh-shit-here-comes-the-floor-way-too-bloody-fast” feeling I experience on a regular basis.

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