Stiff back, no bend

I finally got to practice with Cary again today at YP, it’s been far too long. Just a shame my lower back, SI area has got stiffer and more uncomfortable since Fridays Shala practice, to the point that I couldn’t do a drop back at all today, Cary ending up doing manipulation on my back as she squashed me in Paschimottanasana after Urdva Dhanurasana. At least Pasasana binding is back, I had already done it when assistance arrived to do it again, nice bind and feet almost flat 🙂

Only half a dozen of us practising on a wet,cold bank holiday Monday, so more adjustment than I’ve been used to of late, I’m sure she was trying to get me to do the splits in UHP!

Hopefully everything will loosen up again, thinking about it Fridays second side Mari D assist was probably what has annoyed my back. Time for the Backnobber and S’s breakfast stretch.


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