To the Osteopath

After 1 practice in 3 months, Sunday was my third practice in a week with Cary, just a pity my back wasn’t as open as it had been on Saturday. After Mysore where there is little intervention and AYL where their is adjustment but not pickyness, it’s been funny having someone adjust my feet in Downward dog and hands in Virabadrasana while at the same time pressing my leg to make the knee bend, her attention to detail always surprises me. I tried to drop back on my own, I landed two and crashed head first once, but I have lost the control I had before the back problem.

I finally took the back problem to the Osteopath today, although it has improved a lot in the last week, it’s still very tight. Her verdict, I have pulled a Tendon in my lower back, the Piriformis among other muscles lower down have contracted to help protect the Tendon, there are a few hard tender areas. These trigger points are pretty sore, but it turns out I have been doing the right thing with the ice and tennis ball, the heat on my particular injury is not so helpful, so her advice is to ice it twice a day, carry on with the tennis ball and continue to do practice. She spent quite a while on the lower back and trigger points, not the usual “cracking”, but gradually increasing pressure, the Piriformis being extremely tender, but she thinks another few days or so and I should be back to normal.

Although I know my range of motion is somewhat impaired compared to normal, my range of motion,even injured, is way past the average uninjured person of my age who she sees. Most can’t touch their toes let alone put their hands flat on the floor, even with a back problem and as for bending backwards. So although we have the occasional yoga induced injury, hopefully our practice will keep us more mobile and active as we get older, though it would be nice to stand up from backbend again before I’m past it!


8 Responses to “To the Osteopath”

  1. ivanalindgreen Says:

    oh, sorry to hear that! i have been out of my practice for a month now adding a dodgy right elbow to a tight left knee. i am going to a peter sanson workshop on 29th april – roberta from ayl organized it. hope i’ll be able to get myself into downward dog 😉

    • globie Says:

      Hi Ivana,

      It wasn’t a sudden injury, it just gradually came on over the Easter weekend until the Tuesday when I could hardly move. Hopefully it’s on the mend now, though not knowing what actually did it,it’s hard to know what to not do in the future.

      A friend did Peter’s workshop last time Roberta arranged it, she said he was very good. Hope you have got fit by then.

  2. susiegb Says:

    Gad you went! My osteopath actually does yoga – iyengar (which I think osteopaths tend to favour because of its attention to alignment!) It’s really useful.

    I went to her 2-3 times a few weeks ago about some back soreness/tightness that wasn’t going away, and at the end I showed her a few of the seated poses I was still not doing (because of last year’s knee meniscus injury!) and she basically said she was happy for me to do them. Plus a few extra tips on specific alignment of course!!

    • globie Says:

      This Osteopath doesn’t do yoga and asked me a lot of questions about what is involved with Ashtanga.
      I don’t have to go back unless it gets worse or doesn’t improve, time will be the healer.

  3. StEvE Says:

    Excellent final paragraph Kev. Amidst all the goals & aspirations that we set ourselves, and on occasion, get all wound up about ’cause they don’t come thick and fast, it’s easy to overlook realities like how good it is to just stretch up, and touch toes etc.

    Wishing you speedy recovery.

    • globie Says:

      Thanks Steve,

      It feels good to stretch & I certainly miss it when I don’t or can’t. She just told me to be more aware of “the edge” and to stay this side of it.

  4. ragdoll Says:

    Oh yes. I had to laugh at myself for bemoaning my ‘tight hips’ recently. So tight I found it a bit tricky getting hold of my big toes in yogimudrasana last night . . . We might manage not to make comparisons with others sometimes, but I’m in awe of the yogi who manages not to make comparisons with themselves.

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