Stopped at the end.

YP seemed possible until I got to Euston, a train packed with London marathon runners, spectators and the usual Sunday early risers had to queue to get through just three ticket barriers, it took 10 minutes to get through, any other Sunday all the barriers are just left open! So by the time I escaped it had to be round the corner to AYL.

Not as hot in there today, steady practice, lost the Supta K race to L and got a nice squish in Baddha Konasana from V 🙂 I would also be interested to know how near to the floor she got my hands in Prasarita C, they felt way over. A couple of goes at Pasasana on each side, I was hoping someone would come and join my fingers up on the first side, they were so close, I managed the second side on my own.

Urdva Dhanurasana x 4 before standing up for drop backs, first one my hands just made it before my head, second go I landed, but my back didn’t like it and V came over to stop me doing any more, I think she saw the grimace and my little back rub! She gave me a nice Paschimot back stretch out before I headed to the sunshine in the Finishing Room.

My back is much better, thanks to the Osteo, ice and the tennis ball, but not quite there, as spotted by V, at least she stopped me doing any damage.


2 Responses to “Stopped at the end.”

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