It arrived


I got home on Friday to find the Postman had brought something nice for a change, not a bill, not spam, but finally a copy of Graeme Montgomery’s beautiful Mysore Style photo book. Although it is out of print the Author still has some available from his website. It’s a fabulous book, full of people I know doing the postures, the photos are actually in the order of the practice, and in-between photos around Mysore, places I recognise and even a guy riding his Bike with a basket balanced on his head who Laura and I came across near Devaraja Market back in November. I wonder if he realises he has been immortalised in the book, or perhaps that’s why he smiled at us as we took his picture that day.


“Back” to practice, though my back seems to have plateaued in the healing process, it’s no worse, but isn’t improving any more it seems, despite daily Ice treatment and not doing drop backs, well OK I did one on Tuesday, just about landing it, but after advice from the Toon Army southern division leader, I havnt done any more. Her advice being that I’m not giving it a chance to heal. The rest of practice is fine and in some decent heat would be perfectly passable, the twists are bound again and even UD done gradually is pain free.

AYL in the morning, hope L has the heating cranked up or at least my fave spot by the Radiator is free just after 8am.


2 Responses to “It arrived”

  1. susananda Says:

    ‘Toon Army southern division leader’, hahaha!

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