Heat & assistance #1500

This turns out to be post number 1500

The wild weather shows no signs of abating, as I walked to the Station in the pouring rain with the wind ripping my Brolly out of my hand I wondered if the train would actually run, never mind just leaves on the line, what with the gales it was more like whole trees and power lines coming down.

But it came and we crawled into the city. And for the first time in however many years I have been making this Sunday journey I had proper yoga company in the form of J from the local Shala, she wanted some heat ( she has not long come back from living in warmer climes) and who had decided to try out AYL for the first time. I think she could become a regular.

Very quiet there today,the Radiator spot was free, so a nice warm practice, with help coming at the usual places. I knew I had lost the Supta K race when I saw the Assistants toes in Kurmasana, it feels like a free pass when you get put into it, as opposed to doing it on your own.

Pasasana as usual better in the mornings, especially in the warm before 4 UD’s spent trying to decide whether to do drop backs. I decided to try one, which i landed ok and so I did another that actually had some control, at which point L came over, but unlike last week where it was the stopping point she did 3 assisted ones with me, though she said my propensity for the right hip to twist and to drop back lopsided has returned. I had no sensation of it and she had to show me what was happening, but it could explain why my left foot stays parallel and the right splays out. But at least my back didn’t object to the process during or after, so hopefully healing is beginning to happen.

Moon day next Sunday, very inconvenient!


4 Responses to “Heat & assistance #1500”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Post #1500 – well done! I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with you and getting to “know” you over the years!

    • globie Says:

      Cheers Wayne, I’ve “met” some great people over the 1500 and subsequently quite a few in the flesh. Hope we finally get to meet when you come over in the summer.

  2. V Says:

    Just a heads up: AYL closed on Monday.

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