Post Super moon back at YP


Last night I could see why it was Moon day, spectacular very low and large full moon at bedtime.

AYL closed for the holiday today so back to YP, nice to be back, surrounded by lots of friendly, familiar faces. The Shala bathed in sunshine and Cary prodding and adjusting. Practice started well, Cary’s Trikonasana adjustment resulted in a little pop and freeing of something in the right side of my back, pity the same thing didn’t happen on the second side.

Left alone for most of seated, apart from Tiriang Mukha and having my foot orientation changed in Mari B. The heat certainly helped my back, first bound Supta K in a week without it hurting my lower back. 🙂

After Garbha it feels like the hard part is done, a comment over breakfast after about how people rush through from Baddha Konasana to Setu B. I know I mentally think of that section as a down hill slope. Stopped from racing by the nice forward bend squash in Baddha Konasana.

I had forgotten about C’s tactic of letting us try and do something on our own first before coming to assist. I had done Pasasana once on each side, then as I went to do it again I found C had crept up behind me and suddenly I was being supported and my fingers joined up for a strong bind with my feet flat. Pasasana is coming along nicely despite the back.

Urdva Dhanurasana got done, but I just can’t walk the hands in much, it’s too intense on the lower back. As for drop backs, I did some hanging, hanging too far once and just about getting my hands there before my head, so stopped and did the rest of closing.

Yogi breakfast after with M & S, Mysore chat and how to reintegrate back into our normal lives. But we have all tasted Mysore now and all want to get back. One day……


2 Responses to “Post Super moon back at YP”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Yes one day indeed!!

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