Was that hard?

Back to Philipa at TLC on a Saturday morning, only 6 of us up in the Loft, which means lots of help. Help in the usual places. PPC & UHP as well as Virabadrasana 2 in standing.

P gives one of the best Supta K assists in town, especially if you can do it on your own, it’s up there with Isa’s in Mysore and that’s saying something. Fully bound, feet way behind the head as she lifts you to Dwi Pada and tells you to bring the hands to prayer and balance, before she leaves you to exit via Titibhasana and Bakasana, which is where her comment ” was that hard? ” came in, she was laughing, as the sweat poured and I thudded back, adding a mini rest before finishing the Vinyasa. I love doing that, but I could see others think it’s some kind of medieval torture going by the noise and face on the guy on the next mat a while later!

More assistance in Baddha Konasana and the bum balances. At least my neck is no longer objecting to Setu B after watching Kino’s “How to” You tube video.

Pasasana bound with help then closing. UD then I tried a drop back to see how my back liked it, seemed good so did another before P came to do 4 assisted down and ups. My back didn’t object then or later 🙂

Sunday practice at AYL with much less intervention, just the more traditional assists in PPC & UHP. I don’t really need the help much in seated, just a tightening of my hand bind in Supta K and squashed in Baddha Konasana .

Better backbends, but the heat at AYL makes a big difference to how deep they can be. After 4 Urdva Dhanurasanas I stood up and again got in some drop backs on my own before V arrived. We are now back to me going back on my own and being helped back up, though with the V letting go progressively earlier on each one to make me engage, but she says still too much thinking going on.

Two Shala days in a row with heat and expert help make such a difference.

Last years plan of leaving the job and going to Mysore worked out great. In my head I had a kind of plan for this year once I got home. Get a job, continue to practice, start plotting a return trip to Mysore and maybe get a new Cat. I have had a Cat,well two cats, for around 30 years of my life and miss my last one still, he was far more than just a pet. My next door neighbours have a young Cat and have recently added two more Kittens, but the Cat and one of the kittens have ganged up on the second kitten and it’s not working out, so they are looking to possibly re home the second Kitten. Am oh so tempted, my heart says yes, but my head says no, put off by cost, the restrictions of having a pet and would it still be living in too close proximity to the other two, as all 3 grow up and go out exploring would my garden become a cat fight zone. And of course I would become far too attached to it.


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