Yoga – religion or science


Something different from practice today. Instead a trip to The new Lifecentre to take part in Ruth’s ” Is yoga science or religion” workshop, part of the Chai and Chat series.

To aid the thought Chai and snacks

8 people took part including one via Skype from Malta. A variety of people from those who practice, some teachers and trainee teachers.We split in 2 groups one group to try and find reasons why yoga can be considered a religion and the other group to consider it a science. Then Ruth brought it all together.

These are just the notes I took, no doubt I missed plenty as well as some of it going over my head.

Religion – doctrinal,formal, scriptures,
Spirituality – Path, seeking
Practice – Asana, pranayama , devotion (Bhakti), Meditation, prayer.
The viewpoint can depend on if the yogi has deeply held religious beliefs, ie would the Pope (if he practised) consider yoga a religion?

Science – is the method tested? Skepticism , questioning.

Conclusions – it can be either or both at the same time. If treated as a religion it’s more a philosophy like an old religion not like newer dogmatic religions

Yoga in the 21st century is more like a practical philosophy which offers a choice of paths. It can for some people fill a void that used to be filled by religion, a community, a way of living and how we react to what life throws at us.


3 Responses to “Yoga – religion or science”

  1. Jennifer Marie Fearnley Says:

    That sounds like a very interesting workshop 🙂 I LIKE

    • globie Says:

      It was very interesting, I enjoyed it. Towards the end Ruth did some stuff on the Isvara Sutra’s, which I have been googling the meanings of since!

  2. Chinese Medicine Says:

    Chinese Medicine…

    […]Yoga – religion or science « The Journey of my practice[…]…

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