Coming back

Surprisingly quiet at the Shala to begin with this morning, today wasn’t a Moon day for us on this side of the Pond, but when I looked round as I started seated the place was full. I always seem to arrive just after most of the early shift have gone, but at least its nice and warm then and my place in the corner by the Radiator was free.

My back is so much better in heat, especially when it gets a mega squishing in DD on the second Surya šŸ™‚

More assistance in standing this week, Parsvakonasana as well as the usual PPC and UHP. I notice my right Hip was looser as V took it out to the side in UHP, it has been tight lately along with the lower back problem. Talking of which my back seems to have plateaued in its rehab, it is a lot better, but seems to have stopped getting better. I realised today that despite the heat and feeling more flexible than I have since Easter, the movements that it doesn’t like are the transitions in the Vinyasas. From Chaturanga to Upward dog then rolling over the feet into Downward, these movements really pull the Hip, Gleut and the lower back on the right side, especially with the quantity of repetitions we do of this. My back seems happy enough in a static backbend, but moving within i feel it immediately. If I really, really slow down I can alleviate some of the intensity and also by putting more weight into the left leg and arm, but that probably isn’t sustainable in the long term.

I lost the Supta K race today, though I couldn’t see any toes to know who it was who bound me up šŸ™‚

I did make the complete 360 in Garbha but slid out in Kukutasana. At least Pasasana got bound, I have gone back to Tania’s method of squatting even lower before taking the arm around and then coming up before going for the bind.

I got in 4 not bad Urdva Dhanurasana’s, then 3 safe drop backs before V came along to assist. I think she is getting me in training for Dena, standing on my feet to stop them splaying out and telling me Dena will nail them to the floor, she is probably right. Back to the letting go earlier and earlier on the way up game as well, at least I’m ready for her doing it and on the last couple my thighs did get the plot and engage on their own, they just need to do this a bit earlier. At least I can do this again now without it pissing my back off.

Its starting to feel like practice is coming back, though I need to be careful, injury makes one attentive and present if nothing else.

Moon day tomorrow





8 Responses to “Coming back”

  1. susiegb Says:

    So – are you going to a workshop with Dena then? Lucky you … šŸ™‚ When is it ?

  2. angelhelios Says:

    Hi Kev,
    Nice to read about your practice. I wonder if you have talked to a teacher specifically about your experience in upward dog. It worries me a bit because as you say we do it a lot. I don’t want to advise too much remotely because it may be something simple that I can’t see. I also wonder whether it might be worth finding a good physio to check any imbalances you might have. Hope to meet up with you guys in London soon. Helen

  3. Helen-Aldred Says:

    Hmm, lol, I had no idea I had a wordpress account with the user name angelhelios. Angel is an old nick name from when I was even more of a hippy than I am now and helios is the greek origin of my name. Hippy, hippy hippy. Anyway it is Helen from Liverpool in case you were confused!

    • globie Says:

      LOL, I was wondering until I got to the bottom, then saw the comment about London and realised it was you. Funny how it must have logged you in to be able to leave the comment with that user name.

      I hurt my lower back at Easter (Mari D assist), the pain extended into the Gleut and Hip and and its taken until a couple of weeks ago to get back to some kind of normal. I did see the Osteopath shortly after I did it. In a static backbend, ie being in Upward Dog, Salabhasana or Urdva Dhanurasana its ok, its the transitions in the Vinyasa, especially the one from Upward Dog into Downward. Cary and Louise have both said about my feet turning outwards, which I am conscious of now in Upward. I have never counted how many of these Vinyasas we do in seated, but by the Janu’s its starting to be painful however careful and slowly I take it and I use my knees in the end.

      • Helen Says:

        Hi kev, yep I logged on using my email because they said I already had an account. I am a bit rusty at this blogging lark, thanks for being the first to comment on my new blog!

        I wondered about the feet turning out thing. Are you able to correct it and if so does that relieve the discomfort? It can be hard to correct something in the vinyasa because habits are so ingrained. Good for building inner focus though!

  4. globie Says:

    I am conscious of the feet and do try to remember, though even when they are parallel my right lower back and top of the Hip start to rebel after a while. I think I need to engage the front of the body more in Upward Dog and the transition to Downward to support the back, instead of the weight being all in my arms/hands and the legs flopping.

    So is your old Blog gone now?

    • Helen Says:

      Hi kev, sounds like you may know what to do. I prefer to think about correcting the feet thing as moving from the hips and the legs rather than the feet which is just a symptom of not using the legs correctly I think. Anyway if its not working discuss it with a teacher again. Old blog still there for now, not sure if I will post there in the future or not. Probably not.

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