Six in a row


Well that’s six in a row since Monday’s Moon day. It’s been so nice to be able to practice in some decent heat,not just in the Shala, but at home too, now summer seems to have turned up at last.

Four practices at home then two shared with others at the local Shala and AYL. The two couldn’t be more different,even if it’s the same practice, the local Shala has a whole wall of “toys”, but AYL has none, though i suspect Louise has hidden them to stop me playing on the blocks! I tend to get left alone at the local Shala, down dog squish, Prasarita C and a rebinding of my already bound Supta K, I think the Teacher likes the novelty of adjusting someone without the need for a pile of blocks. Alas she managed to unimprove my Pasasana on the first side.

Some nice assists at AYL, where we have an Assistant as well, Tiriang Mukha, Mari A and I lost the Supta K race to Louise, Supta Konasana I saw R gracefully come up and over landing silently, I came up and over a few seconds later, hovered and then “THUD” as I landed with Agi laughing two mats along. In a near silent room there is plenty of humour.

My back aided by the heat is now almost back to working order, UD I’m walking in, though not quite as far and by the middle of the week I realised I had got control back in my drop backs and was choosing when to land instead of gravity making the decision. So at home and Local I’m back to 3 or 4 blocks and coming up, at AYL it’s still Louise (where were you today V?). Dropping back on my own then 3 rocks and up, but L says my rocks need to be longer, everything has shortened up, the breath is too short as well, but at least she says I am back to almost going back evenly again.

So it’s slowly coming back. Next Sunday is doomed, no trains and class cancelled for the holiday, Monday moon day may have to be elsewhere, though last time I did that I hurt my back!


2 Responses to “Six in a row”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin, is your back feeling better then? H

    • globie Says:

      Hi Helen,

      My back is improving slowly, It seems to like dropping back then walking the hands in better than doing a UD off the floor, I can get a deeper bend doing that. Standing up with assistance is ok, its been the home alone experiments and at the Local Shala trying to stand up on my own from blocks that seem to stress it still. I think its having someone else provide the initial momentum as opposed to having to launch myself.

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