Crack of Dawn Mysore at Shiny HQ


Being Moon day a dearth of Shala’s open today, but I couldn’t miss the chance to practice and get assistance when I can, this meant getting up in the dark, i have not done that since the last practice in Mysore and getting the very early train to get to the Shiny Shala for just after 6am, no holiday late start there. Unlike Mysore it was freezing cold and chucking it down too.

Lots of criminal Ashtangi’s getting in their bank holiday practice, a nice steady plod through standing, just assisted in Trikonasana and Prasarita C. Left alone until Supta K, I was already in Kurmasana when E told me to wait, once I was bound I didn’t realise she had left me balanced on a block, I thought she was still lifting my feet, I had no idea she had gone off, so I waited for the lift to exit, eventually I decided to just lift on my own and realised she had left me balanced!

I managed to bind myself in Pasasana, though assisted by a block under my Heals πŸ™‚

Eileen came to assist in Urdva Dhanurasana, straightening my hands and feet before getting me to try the ones against a wall, pushing the chest back between the hands. All is coming, as they say, as I managed to drop back and stand up from one block, the floor is coming back in to sight.

Reminded by posters advertising her London workshop that it’s only 8 weeks until I get to practice with Dena in Berlin.


6 Responses to “Crack of Dawn Mysore at Shiny HQ”

  1. V Says:

    4 for London! πŸ™‚

  2. V Says:


  3. Joanne Says:

    Sounds like you made some breakthroughs in a pose or two.

    • globie Says:

      Hi Joanne,

      They seem to be on the way then they go again. Since I hurt my back at Easter it’s taken a long time to get back, but hopefully some of these will start to stick soon.

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