No not that miracle, though I am back to being able to stand up from one Block. No, after the two Shala practices in the city at the weekend, I have managed to wake up just after 5:30am for the last 4 days and do practice before Breakfast, now that is a bloody miracle, especially as I didn’t set the alarm, figuring if I wake up I do, if I don’t I won’t.

Monday and Thursday were hard going, Monday because it was the first time I have practised that early since Mysore and Thursday because I just didn’t have the focus or flexibility. I peaked on Wednesday, day 5, my third early morning, even managing to grab my foot for a couple of fleeting breaths on the second side of Ardha Badha P.

Some postures like the Marichyasanas , Supta K and Pasasana have been much harder, despite an empty stomach, but some that require strength like Urdva Dhanurasana and Uth Plutihi have felt easier. As I say I peaked on Wednesday when my legs at last came back to the drop back party and I managed to fly straight back up from one Block, having worked my way down from 3.

So Friday is day 7 for me, rest day and home to watch the Euro’s as I have done every evening knowing practice was already done. I plan to start the process again on Saturday at the local Shala and AYL on Sunday, train permitting, then we will see if a second week is possible.

I could really do with a Siesta some afternoons though.


2 Responses to “Miracle”

  1. Helen-Aldred Says:

    Well done, I find it takes the body some time to adjust to morning practice but it’s always going to more open in the morning. Doesn’t matter though. Could have done with a nap myself today!

    • globie Says:

      Thanks H,
      In Mysore it got more open,but the heat & humidity make such a difference there. Also in Mysore I went back to sleep after practice.

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