Sweaty,bendy practice


Two Shala practices this weekend, first one in the warm local Shala where I can indulge my backbend, drop back and stand up experiments thanks to the well stocked toy cupboard. Up nicely from one block, just still can’t get back over the mental block of another inch to the floor. It’s nice to be able to play and work my way down.

Sunday I got to the “Oven” that is AYL, very late thanks to the abysmal train company. This forced me to have a focussed, no faff practice in an hour and three quarters. Despite arriving an hour later than usual my preferred spot was free and the Shala was so hot condensation was running down the Walls and steam was rising off everyone.

That’s how I like it, hot and the sun streaming in, nice assist in Parsvakonasana B and the usual PPC and Utita Hasta. I realised how hot it was when I went forward in Ardha Badha Padmot and a river of sweat poured on to my mat. Seated Success in AB Paschimot second side when I actually managed to keep hold of my big toe, the first side is easy, but I have had to fight for every millimetre on the second side, my left shoulder being much tighter. I knew I had lost the Supta K race to Louise, I was in Kurmasana and saw her pink toes! Nose to floor assist in Baddha Konasana. A careful Setu B before finger touch only today in Pasasana, weird why some things won’t happen despite pretty perfect conditions.

Time was getting on by the time I got to backbends, no faff Urdva Dhanurasana before only getting in a couple of drop backs before Louise arrived to do assisted. No objections from my back at all today, even being deeply assisted, Louise has me come straight back up now, she says again I can do it, it’s just a mental block somewhere, fear….

2 Responses to “Sweaty,bendy practice”

  1. ragdoll Says:

    Your struggles with Ardha Badhaetcetc are such a good reminder to me of the way that some poses come easy to some, and not to others. While headstand and drop backs continue to sound like crazy things that are not for me to get to in one lifetime, the binds in seated poses (except Mari D) are just there for me. I suspect we can find parallels in our personalities if we looked. I bend but don’t take leaps of faith if I can help it!

    Though I think I’m contractually obliged to also point out that we can also always find parallels with our own lives in horoscopes, tea leaves and car number plates if we try hard enough . . .

    • globie Says:

      Hi R,

      The twists, Marichys are my thing, but some of the binds and Supta K I thought it would take more than this lifetime,

      3 years ago i didn’t know dropbacks were even part of it, I saw people do them, but assumed they did it for fun because they were mega advanced. I was stunned when I got told to start working on it. So much of this process is a mental game of belief and just trying every day. The problem is the more you want to do something the harder it seems to get.

      My leap of faith was chucking it in and going to Mysore last year, H said to me that once you mentally make the commitment the universe seems to move to help you.

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