Since last weekends 2 Shala practices I have had an 80% success rate of getting out of bed and on my mat in the mornings, so I can watch the Euro’s in the evening. Tuesday was Moon day anyway and Thursday, well I barely woke up in time to have a shower and shovel breakfast down before going to work. It was much easier waking up and getting up the previous week with the morning sunshine, compared to this weeks wet,dark and cold mornings.

I haven’t repeated the freak springy stand up from the other day, but at least I am coming up from one Block again without too much problem, the floor is next, but when, perhaps on Saturday at the local Shala, where they have a half depth block, which proves its something other than physicality stopping me coming up, I am virtually on the floor, but not quite.

Now the Euro’s are coming to a close, do I revert back to evenings or try and carry on with this morning lark?


4 Responses to “80%”

  1. Maria Says:

    Morning!!! It’ll be Wimbledon next and then the Olympics to keep you entertained sport-wise in the afternoon/evenings 🙂

    • globie Says:

      I’m in Berlin for the first week of the Olympics doing Dena’s workshop 🙂
      Will watch the Tour de France which starts next weekend

  2. Helen Says:

    Cool I love watching the tour de France. They are amazing!

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