Pasasana experiment


Some people find Pasasana a breeze, but some of us are still trying to grow our arms longer so the fingers can join up. Of course it’s not about sticking your fingers in Miracle Grow, but about rotation in the torso and shoulders. Our man in Thailand is also working on Pasasana and kindly emailed me this link to a You Tube tutorial on using the wall to open the upper body in the twist and to help try and get the heals down.

As I went to the local Shala, which was quiet this morning, when Pasasana time came round I decided to try the wall out first before doing the posture. Results, the first side was still finger touch, but the second side was a much stronger bind and although the heals didn’t touch down, they were going down, so I think it’s worth persisting with, though probably not at a more traditional Shala.

I found the half thickness block in the Shala’s toy cupboard, 3, 2, 1, then drop back and up from the half block, a 12mm block, 12mm between me and the floor, why is that mentally so far away still?


One Response to “Pasasana experiment”

  1. Jennifer Marie Fearnley Says:

    I guess I’m one of the breeze lucky ones. But I do have to make a real effort to really twist my whole upper body around my legs first. Like, INHALE suck in and LIFT up then twist twist twist around, squeezing my legs together at the same time… then if i lift my heels and hips first to bind (i think the hip lift is pretty crucial there), then i can (EXHALE) lower them once that’s secure. I can go straight into it too but the bind’s not as good and my shoulder is more likely to pop up and out too.

    But i know nufin about achilles heel tendon flexibility…maybe that’s the key to heels down.

    I admire your dedication to the practice Kevin 🙂

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