Breaking the Duck

Two Shala practices this weekend, it makes such a difference, especially to the second one, where I start from a much looser, flexible, open place.

Just 3 of us at TLC on Saturday morning, which gave Philipa plenty of scope, lots of nice assists, Mari D and Supta K into Dwi Pada, Pasasana too, great to have help with that one occasionally as the first side still plays hide and seek. She pinged me up from the third Urdva Dhanurasana, straight in to assisted drop backs, after which I decided to play on my own at the standing up game before moving on, lots of rocking, but no rising. P then tries the sitting on my feet assist at the same time as pulling on my Hips, the combo of her pull and me putting too much oomph into coming up catapulted me over her shoulder, to much laughter and the other two students wondering what had happened.

Brunch at LPQ with Denise, I had practised with her in Singapore and she assisted Sharath in Mysore, she told me Sharath had told her and the other Assistant not to help me with standing from backbend, as he reckoned I could do it!

Saturday afternoon I ended up giving another photo talk on Mysore, I was actually only third reserve, but so many dropped out I ended up cobbling a talk together on my iPad. On 21st July I am giving a one hour photo talk on Mysore in Chester at The Grosvenor Museum, in the north of England. Anyone can come.

Sunday practice in the Oven that is AYL, Saturday had opened me up and I was dripping after just the Surya’s. TGF my Yogitoes mat, the black one would have been a skid pan. Apart from the usual Prasarita C and UHP, I got different assists today, Tiriang Mukha and Mari A among them, but managed to win the Supta K race 🙂

And so we come to where my mind had been doing it’s best to leap ahead to through the practice, backbends and specifically standing up. Dropback #1 I landed, rocked and got stuck. #2 I dropped, walked the hands in, rocked and finally broke my Shala Duck and managed to come up, even with a wobble and foot fault, but who cares. Alas #3 I dropped but crashed on my knee trying to come up, number 4 Louise was waiting for me when I landed, saying she would support only, so a bit of a fling, but I did most of it and up I came. But hopefully now having done it at the Shala I won’t have to wait another six months until I manage it again.


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