Comes and goes


The next day off

Louise told me it would come and go. At the local Shala I tend to get left alone to play backbends. Saturdays was a steady practice, C taking a photo to show me my rounded back in Janu A, but having had Friday off to finally meet Wayne, a US commenter on this blog for years, I’m never very open first day back after a day off. But still I got to backbends, decent UD’s, safe drop backs then started to rock, but couldn’t get the confidence to commit to trying to come up, so I ended up starting off on one block. It’s like I have to relearn the movement, it’s yet to come naturally. But then I could do it, dropped back and stood up 6 times.


Great to finally meet you Wayne.

Sunday in what I regard as perfect conditions, with heat and help, bound Pasasana, strong UD’s walking in and rocking, then it went wrong. First drop back, i saw the floor, arms out, but for some reason I bounced and thudded down pretty heavily on my back, winding myself. From thinking I was going to do it, as I thudded down I lost it. Second drop under instruction from V, engage legs, safe landing, rock, rock, but the thud had taken away my confidence to commit and I only got up with her help. Third attempt I went for it, but she said I stopped committing to coming up. Partly it’s doing it with someone in front of you, at the local Shala I know there won’t be any intervention, consequently i commit totally mentally and physically, but at AYL having someone there, your mind doesn’t commit fully to the movement. I suppose there comes a point where they will just leave me to it. Last week I got a couple of goes in before assistance arrived, but by the time I got there today the Shala was quiet and they were waiting for me. At least I know my Adidas shorts are just about up to being hauled up!


2 Responses to “Comes and goes”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Great to meet you in person – next time, we’ll practice together as well!

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