Not Sunday, but Monday and Tuesday.

Not great technique, but here’s the state of it.



6 Responses to “Up”

  1. ragdoll Says:

    Fantastic! It’s deceptive how quickly you go from back bend to vertical. So much commitment behind that one move.
    I’ll be there in Chester on Saturday, by the way, hoping to get the chance to say hello!

    • globie Says:

      Hi R,
      It’s getting the confidence to commit that is usually the problem.

      Be great to meet up on Saturday, have emailed you about possibly meeting up before it starts for a cuppa

  2. yoga chiswick Says:

    Impressive! Quick question if I may… How did you practice to the point where you could lean back all the way without hitting your head on the floor. Lots of trial runs with a mattress underneath? Or is it better to get the help of someone else? Thanks.

    • globie Says:

      When I started to learn to drop back I had a rolled up blanket. Eventually it’s all about keeping the arms straight as you land and engaging the legs. Sending the hips forward to counteract and slow down the drop going back. Instead of a blanket I now just have a tiny towel placed about 3ft behind my feet, it won’t save my head but I know if I land with straight arms in front of it I will have a safe landing.

  3. Caroline Scott Says:


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