Up unassisted

After the long day trip to the north I could have done without waking up to find that our line into London was closed for “Emergency engineering works” and that I had half an hour to catch the bus to a station a few stops up the line followed by another hour on a stopping everywhere train. Oh well at least next Sunday my commute will just be a 5 minute walk from the B&B to the Berlin Shala for day one of Dena’s workshop. Yes I’m escaping the Olympics!

Somehow by the time I got there my usual spot by the window was still free. After a day off and all the sitting around it took a while to get going and find the space, left to my self through standing until the usual Prasarita C then UHP assists.

Tiriang Mukha used to be a posture I didn’t like being assisted in, it was a torture, but now I don’t roll over so much, the assist is now more comfortable and I can get my chin much further down my leg. I lost the Supta K race again and with slithery legs I blew the exit. Baddha Konasana was another that I used to literally find incredibly painful on the feet when I got assisted but now my hips are more open I can go with the pressure and my head gets to the floor.

I added a few extra Urdva Dhanurasana’s, trying to walk in, open the back, feel the stretch in the front and get the rocking motion going before standing up. This week it was like being back in Mysore with V instead of Sharath cheering me on from the side, but not intervening as I dropped back. The first stand up I crashed back, but knew I had the action. Back on the Bike, stand up, engage legs, drop back, walk in, a couple of little rocks and go for it, up I came doing the three prescribed stand ups, even if they all had a stumble and were not exactly elegant, unlike H’s graceful ones next door. V has really got me engaging the legs and moving the weight forward on the way down, which means my hips are higher and more over my feet when i land, the centre of gravity further forward, just need to remember it’s forwards, not up, head last and inhale. I asked after why I stumble, it seems I lift or turn one foot as I come up, so that’s another thing I have to try and correct. At least the mental block is giving way to expecting to do it. That was the first time ever in a Shala I have done three completely unassisted without starting from a Block first, I don’t know about “all” but something is coming.


2 Responses to “Up unassisted”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hi Kev, Nice practicing next to you. 🙂 I am sure my drop backs were far from graceful when I first started and there is still lots to work on years on for me, years on.

    That’s great about your trip to Dena, I am sure she will help. Its great that you have persevered with this and are now able to do it by yourself, stay safe and the details will come with practice as you have already found.

    • Globie Says:

      Hi Helen, good to see you and Marc on Sunday.
      Your dropbacks were very controlled, something I aspire to. It’s taken over 3 years from the first drop back to managing to stand up. It’s doing the first one that’s hard, after that I can do it.

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