Intensive simplicity

The rain in Berlin

A relative Sunday lie in this morning, day one of the workshop was 10am start, so time for some tea and cereal as I watched the rain deluge outside the B&B Breakfast room. Turns out there are at least two more students staying here. The B&B is in a quiet street, so unlike Mysore, no problem sleeping. The breakfast is literally available all day, they leave a plate in the Fridge with your name on and you help yourself to cereal, fab bread and tea whenever you decide you want it, so at 2pm this afternoon three hungry Ashtangi’s had their breakfast after a very long practice.


Die Yoga-praxis

Die Yoga-praxis Shala is on the 5th floor of a building with views into the east towards the TV tower, aka The Popes revenge. There were around 25 of us including a few unexpected familiar faces from Shalas i have practised at with Dena in the past few years, Maria from Stockholm and Annika from Hamburg.

Views to the east

As usual Dena went round the room making notes of where everyone practices to, their injuries etc. There is quite a range, from relative beginners to people doing third, so for today’s led class she kept it so that everyone could cope, but this included Salabhasana to help us realise to open the mid back and not just the flexible bits at the neck and base of the spine. She told us the practice should be done with “intensive simplicity”.

We practised through to Navasana this morning before backbends, though no drop backs, but it was very slow and intense with the intention to be correct in the postures, to engage in them and try and get something out of every movement. In the Surya’s she made sure we engaged the legs in Virabadrasana in B, too many people fly through the Surya’s, me included, to get to the actual postures, Dena said the postures should be a natural, progressive extension of the Surya’s. The Shala turned into a Sauna, even on my Yogitoes my hands were sliding. Can’t wait to play Supta K tomorrow, in that heat it should be easy!


Practice wasn’t flowing this morning, unlike the sweat, we stopped to break down postures, lots of reminders of things that get lost when we are doing the usual Mysore practice. Dena talked about wrists and how many of us develop pain in them, she talked about keeping the fingers straight in bound postures as the other hand grabs,stretching the joints to try and keep them free. It’s little details like that which can make so much difference both on and off the mat

We finished with chanting, much more Rhythmic than in Mysore, Dena has a fabulous singing voice.

After the late breakfast I went to Alexanderplatz, but the heavens really opened in torrents, so back to base for R&R, it’s 7am tomorrow, at least that 3 hours later than in Mysore!


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