Bears in Berlin

Sirsasana Bear
Practice is becoming pretty consistent, everything bound, Garbha round and round, Pasasana coming along nicely, I was actually bound in Pasasana, but help arrived to get my heals down. Dena seemed to be watching my standing postures today, a slight hip adjustment in Trikonasana and a verticalising of my arm and hand, a reminder about Udiyana Bandha in Vira A, prod prod! Dena rarely speaks, to me at least, when she adjusts, though I suppose I’m used to her and know what she is trying to do, move or engage. I seem to get a smile or nod when my body has done what she wanted to see.

Tauzienstrasse sculpture
The room seemed cooler today, my mat not quite so slippery wet when I got to backbends. Again i could feel her watching, she was assisting the person next to me in Urdva Dhanurasana as I was doing mine, she caught my eye as I was thinking about pushing up for the next one, not quite like E accusing me of taking tea breaks in-between, but the eyes were saying “go on then”. I knew she wouldn’t move until I did so up I went! I’m trying to get the rock from the last Urdva Dhanurasana, though my legs and feet are not as grounded and engaged, but doing the rock seems to set up the movement for standing up from the first dropback. Stood up again with no messing, though Jack said the way my feet splay out coming up is a bit of a cheat, but at least my feet stay put so I come up almost level. I had done just the 4 on my own today before getting assisted for half a dozen more. Then for the first time in a couple of years I got called out to wait for handstand, think I need to get some practice in!


Back at the B&B Breakfasts seem to be taking longer with the after practice yoga and potential sightseeing chat. I didn’t have Potsdam on my list, but after chatting with yogi Nina from Munich, i may well go visit the end of the S1 line over the infamous Glienicke Bridge and see the Palaces. I have been trying to do new things this time, like Potsdamer Platz yesterday and the river trip today. Some places I have revisited like Alexanderplatz to see how they have changed.

The river trip was a great way to see the city from a different angle and like yesterday to appreciate what they have done with all the land they gained in 1989 when the Wall came down, the river used to be a gloomy area, with lights and mines to deter potential escapees swimming to freedom, now it’s a vibrant area, on the western side the previously derelict scrubland that was once Leheter Bahnhof is now the snazzy ultra modern Berlin Hauptbahnhof, on the east are new government building, ARD (German tv) new studios and vibrant Cafes and swish Hotels.

New buildings in the East.

Ultra modern new Hauptbahnhof


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