Your practice has come a long way!

This mornings view from the Shala.
I’m starting to feel it, practice didn’t feel as fluid today, less energy, but still a good practice. After the pranayama and chanting we were instructed to go ahead, no led Surya’s. Left to it I got to Prasarita C before Dena came to assist, though she was more intent on the forward bend than getting my hands nearer the floor. Wobbly balances in UHP, the last couple of days I have focussed on the flower on the Balcony and a red object on the wall, but my views of both were obstructed today and without my glasses I’m useless.

Today’s Bears.
Seated seemed to speed through for no apparent reason, I even managed to do Supta K before anyone spotted me. I have tended not to get that much assistance until nearer the end anyway, partly because there are quite a few people doing 2nd, so they need help earlier and also i suspect because my practice is fairly steady, I can bind everything on my own. Though they may not be adjusting me, I have realised a few times that as I exit a posture Dena has been behind me watching. I was only fingers just on the first side of Pasasana and then managed a proper grip on the 2nd, but was left to it to try and get my heals down. My usual exit, let go of fingers and fall back had Jack laughing and commenting “needs work on the exit mate!”

Not just my own 5 dropbacks and stand ups today, but Dena had me do two lots with her. I had only got one in when she arrived just as I landed for number two, up I came then she had me dropping back and trying to come straight back up, I’m not good at that game, I need to walk my hands in, she’s determined to get my legs working from lower down. I thought we had done after another 4, but she told me to stay upright as she was coming back! There was a bit of a queue again, so to keep warm I played around dropping back and coming up on my own a few times. Then she’s back, she gets me to do a BIG inhale then demands to hear the out breath as I go back, at the same time she is pulling my hips forwards so i land in a deeper bend before pinging back up. After three I suddenly feel the difference, the up is suddenly much smoother. I told her I can feel it when it’s right, to which she replied ” you’re practice has come a long way over the years”.

In my Trabant at the DDR museum.
So after another long practice I wanted an easy day. On to the U-Bahn to Alexanderplatz and the DDR Museum. It’s a small museum detailing life in the former DDR, East Germany. Everything from housing and jobs to the east Germans penchant for skinny dipping, apparently 9 in 10 east Germans used to take part! Also exhibits about how the STASI spied on the people including an interrogation room. an exhibit about DDR sports men and women, not the drugs they took to win all the medals though. I liked the football exhibit showing the 1974 world cup match played in Hamburg between the two Germany’s, the only time they ever played. East Germany won 1-0, I remember watching it on TV, they have the actual polka dot ball signed by all the players.

The signed ball from ’74

Cathedral Quarter with Segway tourists.
After lunch I took in the nearby Humboldt Box, this is a temporary exhibition with all kinds of odds and ends from how lemon gets in to sweets to Chinese medicine, with views over the new building site of the Humboldt complex which is being built on the former site of East Germany’s Palace of the Republic, which they decided to demolish after the wall came down mainly because of the amount of asbestos in it.

Ex Palace of the Republik.
Finally a wander around the Nickoleiviertel, cobbled streets, Cafes, little shops and river views, so after deciding I was having an easy day I seem to still have done quite a bit!



4 Responses to “Your practice has come a long way!”

  1. Susie Says:

    What a great compliment from Dena! I am so jealous of you having that time with her. Isn’t going to happen for me this year …

    Am really enjoying your posts from the workshop and Berlin. My back is in such a state at the moment my osteopath has said the only yoga poses I should consider doing for the next few days are ‘legs up the wall’ and savasana – so I am getting a lot of vicarious pleasure from your posts!

    • globie Says:

      Hi Susie,
      Sorry to hear your back is a problem, hope you get it sorted.

      It’s great to practice with Dena again, I hope it won’t be such a long time until I get to do it again. Glad you are enjoying the posts, IBerlin is a city I love, always a pleasure coming here.

  2. Ragdoll Says:

    Berlin really is obsessed by bears, isn’t it? A friend of mine takes her 2 teddy bears on holiday with her so they can star in many of her holiday pictures.

    Re. the balances, I’ve often suspected that one of the reasons I can balance better at home is because I practice without my lenses in, so can sort-of-but-not-quite focus on a point in the room.

    • globie Says:

      Hi R, the Bear is the symbol of the city, most of them are sponsored, there is a huge yellow and black one sponsored by Hertz. I have my Mysore inflatable cat with me LOL, found it in the bottom of my rucksack the other night.

      I’m so bad without mine I need the object to be big and bright if it’s any distance away. At AYL the wall is only a foot away and I can usually find some Mark on it to focus on.

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