Always my first thought!

Probably our last Mysore practice today, as I know Dena usually does a led class on the last day. On our own again from the start, Dena assisted me in Padahastasana, then as I came up she told me to do standing then do Pasasana so she could see where I am ( Jack has adjusted me the last couple of days). I got a lot of help today, Trikonasana , then 2 lots of Prasarita C, on the first go I kept trying to go forward as I do at home, Dena said repeat but go with only her pressure, she doesn’t kill the shoulders and she got me much further over.

So at the end of standing I go into Pasasana, managing to get in a go on each side before Dena arrived. We did it again with her tightening the bind and pressing down on my knee. She tells me to do the vinyasa ,me-figuring off i go into seated, but no, she then tells me to take Tiriang Mukha position then lift the left leg into Krounchasana , talking me through it before I vinyasa and do side 2. Nod of approval as she tells me to do seated, then repeat Pasasana and Krounchasana before backbends as that is now my practice ! Just when I thought practice was going to be easy for a while it’s now getting longer again.

Luiza Platz Potsdam

It was predicted to be 31c in Berlin today, well that room must have been nearer 40, sweat ran from everywhere, by the time I got to backbends my Yogitoes was too wet to grip and I had to use the mat as my hands slid out from under me on the first drop back. I managed to get half a dozen in before Dena came and had me do another 6. Although I can come up on my own now it still needs a lot of refinement, feet turned in as Anette’s prod reminded me and Dena says it’s very jerky. She had another surprise in store as she told me to wait while she did a few more people.

When she returned along with Annette, instead of just the usual Handstand, she got me to stay up in handstand with the two of them supporting it, then make a backbend, dropping over into Urdva Dhanurasana before pinging me up to standing. She laughed as she walked off saying “that’s happy Christmas!” and telling me for a serious practitioner my old blue mat is not a stable base.

I needed Annetta’s Paschimottanasana squish after all that lot, it had been a very long, sweaty practice.

Out of the bus window photo of Sans Soucci.

After breakfast I decided to make the S-bahn trip to Potsdam, which lies south east of Berlin in what was once East Germany, so a new city for me. To make sure I saw everything I took a bus tour, taking in the Glienecke Bridge, Spy swap bridge in the cold war days. The Dutch quarter and Sans Soucci park with it’s beautiful buildings and gardens. We also passed the Russian area where the KGB and Russian army hung out until 1994.


Glienicke Bridge, where spies used to be swapped.


KGB Prison

Potsdam has some beautiful buildings, but the city has a lot of rebuilding going on, it will be good when it’s finished much like my standing up!


Another day to add to my Ashtanga miracle diary,
16/09/09 Dropped back
21/11/11 stood up
23/11/11 Pasasana in Mysore
02/8/12 Krounchansana.

When I got home the street to the Shala was blocked off by German TV filming

German TV Crew


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