Last practice


Today’s Bear

Friday, the last day of a great week in Berlin with Dena. As is customary on the last day we did the silent led practice, where the room moves like a wave into each posture, each person trying neither to be the first or the last to move. Once we got to seated she added the full vinyasa challenge between postures, coming to standing, I’m used to this with Dena, but many people still jumped through then realised everyone else is standing up!

Up to Janu A, then it’s a pick n mix of the postures, Mari A & C, Navasana, no Bhuja or Supta K so nobody is left behind. Into Baddha Konasana and Upavistha before the backbends. Six Urdva Dhanurasana, first 3 coming down to the floor, second three on to the head in-between.

Dena has started every day with call and response chanting of some of the Sutra’s, then as we lay flat she explains the meaning. We finished with more chanting, then sat in the circle, as everyone thanked Dena and Jack for coming and Nicole for making this week happen. This seemed to be the perfect time in my practice to study with Dena again, not just giving me Krounchasana, but giving me a lot of help and advice with the dropping back and standing up game.


Berlin Air lift Dakota

Unlike our weather forecasts the Germans have been spot on all week, sunshine they said until Friday, then storms. Today has been one downpour after another. After a lengthy breakfast I finally ventured out to visit the East Side Gallery. A long strip of the Berlin wall that has been preserved alongside the river near Warschauer Strasse. It’s been wonderfully decorated with colourful murals and even has it’s own beach! The rain just about letting up for long enough to let me take some photos. My favourite still the Trabi driving through the wall.


Through the wall


It’s own beach!


Border post


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