Salabhasana and Olympics on a Sunday


Tower Bridge

I need moon day to be tomorrow instead of Friday, after this weekend. Friday afternoon J texts and we decide a Saturday practice at TLC with Phillipa will give her new mat a test workout. Just 5 of us, so lots of assistance, Mari C and D and Supta K into Dwi Pada. Pasasana binding, my heals are getting lower. Krounchasana is still new, but coming, first side better, my uneven pelvis making the second side unbalanced. Dropped back and stood up before some great help with another 6.

Sunday at AYL as usual, though having all the assistance on Saturday seems to give me a head start. I’m more open from the get go, especially in that heat, dripping after just the Surya’s. Unlike Saturday left mostly alone until Prasarita C and then UHP, needed that one, I was a bit unstable.

More focus on Tiriang Mukha, now the warm up for my newly evolving Krounchasana. Deeper Marichyasanas to assist Pasasana. I’m starting to appreciate how Primary leads into Intermediate. Supta K on my own and a full 360 Garbha after. Got squashed in Baddha Konasana. More effort in Ubhya, which is kinda like a double Krounchasana 🙂

Pasasana bound then a not bad Krounchasana, I’m struggling to get the right butt down on the second side, but I’m getting the leg much straighter. Suddenly it’s time for backbends, with new postures the backbends kind of creep up on me. Good UD and stood up 4 times from dropback, I thought that was it, Paschimottanasana time, but Louise came over and got me to do the cross arm half way, then the drop and walk in, hold for 5 then come up. Then the surprise, as she squashed me she said “next week do Salabhasana “! I will have to get my Kino DVD out and see how to do it properly now, it’s going to be different doing it for real in the Shala, as opposed to playing around at home. Things are suddenly moving on after years of stagnant slog.

Two random compliments after practice, As I was putting my shoes back on, someone I recognise from Mysore, but who’s name I don’t know came up to say how much better my backbends are since she saw me in India. Then in Sainsburys the girl on the checkout said she loved my Pendant and held up the queue asking what the Om and Ganesh are.


At the Olympics

Unlike last Sunday it was a beautiful hot, sunny morning, so after breakfast on a complete whim I decided to go and see the Olympic Marathon race, one of the few events you don’t need a ticket for. The Olympic volunteer lady at Euston recommended heading east to Tower Hill, by the Tower of London. Crowds of people with the same idea, but luckily I got a spot two rows back behind some diminutive Japanese ladies so had a great view as the runners came past before doing the U turn 200 metres down the road and then coming back past. Amazing atmosphere as the crowd cheered all the runners, the camera bikes and even the Sweeper van at the back!


There they go.

Over Tower Bridge with the Olympic rings to the park to watch the winner cross the line on the big screen. At least I have seen a tiny bit of the games, experienced the atmosphere, the crowds, its a once in a lifetime.


Olympic mascot

Home support

Stunning new Shard


How long until the next games in Rio

So how do you do a proper Salabhasana?


2 Responses to “Salabhasana and Olympics on a Sunday”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Just caught up on your post re Dena to this weekend. Sounds like you are enjoying practice right now and have two new poses to play with. It made me smile to hear Louise gave you a new pose as she is your teacher now, right?

    • globie Says:

      Hi Helen,

      Practice has been good lately, less physical and mental effort now I can stand up at last, the whole process seems easier.

      Louise has become my teacher this year, just the way it’s worked out, but she’s great and has always looked out for me. I have got more new poses in the last two weeks than in the last few years! I expected to be on Krounchasana for a while, it was great that Louise should move me on.

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